Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery

Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery
115 Stuart St.
Boston, MA 02116

So this restaurant is conveniently located outside the Tufts dental school building, so there are usually a lot of patrons in scrubs here. The neat thing about this restaurant is that its a microbrewery and they make all of their own beers. My favorite was one called IPA, which was similar in flavor to a Blue Moon (my actual favorite beer).

The RB Sampler

When you walk into this place, you notice every table has beers and appetizers. Made me wonder, so we got the appetizer sampler! bottom row is nachos and top row was buffalo wings, pretzel with spinach cheese sauce, and this chicken taquitos.

the nachos layer

pretzel with dipping cheese sauce, buffalo wings and chicken taquitos

I think my favorite was the buffalo wings (they were hot!)

bacon + cheddar + chipotle mayo burger

I ordered medium-well and let’s just say, the only flavor in my mouth was burnt charcoal……..

"lobster roll"

This is why you need to go to someplace w a view of an ocean, any ocean! look at this pathetic excuse for a lobster roll and way overpriced! I wouldn’t pay $17 for lettuce, tomatoes and carrot with a pinch of lobster meat (or was it?)

I would definitely recommend the beer sampler, and the appetizer sampler. This is why all the scrub-wearing-patrons were eating appetizers and drinking beers, cuz they knew thats the best of what this restaurant offers!

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