Kyoto in New Orleans, LA

4920 Prytania St.
New Orleans

the front

A lot of my friends eat here and so I wanted to check it out. The location is convenient with dessert next door (Creole creamery)!


We got here early for dinner (like 5ish) and so there was no wait! We had time to peruse the menu and make some good decisions with the help of online review forums.

Desiree Roll

The Desiree Roll has dynamite (spicy tuna) rolls, crawfish, crabstick rolled together and then deep fried in tempura batter served with creamy wasabi sauce. My first bite had a ton of wasabi sauce on it and it felt like wasabi was coming out of my nose! (You know you’ve all been there). This was my favorite roll of the night.

The Funky Margarita roll and Hot Box roll

The funky margarita roll

The funky margarita roll has a dynamite (spicy tuna) mixture with crunchy that is topped with slices of tuna, salmon and with a spicy avocado sauce. This roll came highly recommended online and then by the waittress who said that almost everybody that comes in orders this roll but I gotta say, we weren’t impressed. The sushi was just not flavorful. And the dynamite flavor didn’t mix well with the topping.

the hot box

The Hot Box roll is the rainbow box (spicy snowcrab on the inside, wrapped on the outside with the tuna, white tuna, fresh salmon and avocado) with eel sauce, chili sauce, margarita sauce, crunchy flakes, smelt roe, and green onion. Our night was saved by this roll! We started off strong with the desiree and then got super disappointed with the Funky Margarita roll but thank God we saved this one for last. The eel sauce was the perfect addition to this savory roll.

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Wasabi Sushi in New Orleans, LA

Wasabi Sushi
900 Frenchmen St.
New Orleans, LA

the front

Frenchmen St is known for being on the hipster side and so the food is usually pretty remarkable. This place, however, was not.


I did like the decor. Bit more trendy then most Japanese restaurants but hey, this is Frenchmen St we’re talking about. I had heard terrible things about the service here but I guess since I was the only customer, the service was alright.

wasabi honey shrimp

I almost ordered this as my main dish, I’m glad I didn’t. The shrimp had a weird taste and a rubbery texture. I’m not sure where the weird taste was originating from…..

Wasabi House roll

The wasabi house roll had creamcheese and crab with salmon and eel with crunchy flakes on top. This sushi roll came with a wasabi sauce that was a little too strong for my preferences. Overall, I didn’t think the quality was that great and this place just did not agree with my palette at all.

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Bambu in New Orleans

8 Canal St.
New Orleans

In order to get in to this restaurant, you have to walk thru the casino area of Harrah’s (sorry for people who don’t like cigarette smoke but it’s a short walk). And don’t forget your ID, they’re very strict about under-21 people not being allowed to enter.


I like that this place is spelled “Bambu” and not “Bamboo.” I think it is to represent that this restaurant is a departure from your typical Asian restaurant.


The ambiance was quite interesting. Reminds me of a tropical paradise. Maybe that’s the point. Forget about your gambling problems and come enjoy a reasonably priced lunch special in paradise!


Actually though, i think the items on the lunch menu were on the only things reasonably priced. The sushi, heck no!  I definitely wouldn’t have come here if it weren’t for my coupon. Brought down my lunch to $12 (including tax and tip!)

First we had the famous honey wasabi shrimp. The chef is well known for his restaurant in Atlanta which received national praise from the Zagat. And the Zagat reviewed this dish as one of his best ever. So of course I had to try it and of course I fell in love. Especially with the candied pecans (my favorite!) Could’ve used some more shrimps but oh well. It was still super delicious and by far the winner of the meal.

Honey Wasabi Shrimp $12.95

This next dish was probably a huge mistake to order. We asked for another popular dish and the waiter suggested General Tso chicken (shame on you! The waiter was Asian too! You never should suggest such an americanized dish to Asians). Anyways, this was your typical general tso sauce.

General Tso Chicken $9.95

This sushi roll was amazing! But 8 pieces for $20 is a bit expensive for me.

New Orleans Roll $20

The New Orleans roll had spicy crawfish, crunchy, and avocado on inside w/ half spicy tuna, half snow crab, and down the middle a line of wasabi tobikko w/ eel and avocado sauce. This roll was so amazing and delicious!

New Orleans roll not the Nola roll (that's a different roll)

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Oki Nago Sushi Buffet in New Orleans, LA

Oki Nago
2712 N Arnoult Rd.
Metairie, LA

How has a year passed before I found out about this $10-all-you-can-eat-sushi-lunch-buffet in New Orleans?!?

Oki Nago restaurant

When I got here, I was kinda taken aback by how stereotypically Asian the exterior was.

veggie line

However, I was super ecstatic that there was such an extensive variety in the sushi menu. To be honest, I was expecting one table of a few rolls, I was so happy to see numerous tables with all sorts of maki and sashimi. Don’t fill up on the earlier rolls, they save the special stuff for the end of the line.

sushi buffet

And the nicer rolls, like soft shell crab, had a ton of crab meat!

fried foods section

And in case you need something besides sushi rolls, check out some of the fried foods and chinese dishes.

chinese food line

my favorite chinese dishes were the eggplant stirfry (delicious sauce!) and imperial shrimp (reminds me of my favorite walnut shrimp dish).

yea I went a little nuts

They also had a hibachi station! But as you can tell from my first dish, I was quite full and didn’t have room for hibachi.

There was an entire thing of crabs!! There was also a shrimp cocktail section (except I wasn’t in the mood so I didn’t get any).


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Minado in Boston ,MA

1282 Worcester Rd.
Natick, MA

Our family came here for Christmas cuz no one in the house felt like cooking. We figured since it was a holiday which meant prices were more expensive than normal days, there wouldn’t be much of a crowd. Boy were we wrong! This place was packed with waiting lines going out the door! $21 per person! Recession, my butt!


way too crowded

I would say that the distribution of customers was pretty evenly split between white people and asian people. The hilarious thing was that all the asian people were flocking to the sushi/sashimi side and all the white people were flocking to the fried foods (tempura)/ chicken teriyaki side.

maki rolls section

hand rolls and maki section

i love these

I like that even though this is a sushi buffet, the quality of sushi is pretty decent. Especially for what you’re paying for.

sashimi section

fried foods section


fried seafood

so I noticed that this worker was walking on the other side of the buffet from me (so I was on the side taking food and he was across the table laying out new food). He ran a few dishes ahead of me and took out a plate of something and replaced with a whole fish. I guess my camera must have caught his eye. haha. I was flattered except anyone who has ever eaten with me knows that I get freaked out if the food resembles its live form too much (aka whole fish). I took a picture of it because the worker was watching me but I didn’t take any.

fried whole fish

for all you edamame lovers

to save you all from the excessive pictures I took (there were 5 of us and we each had multiple plates), I only posted pictures of our first servings.

my brother's plate

my mom's plate

my dad's plate

my sister's plate

that’s right! those are crabs on my plate (in the middle)

my plate

maki that I got

of course we got udon at the do-it-yourself-udon-station

i love how all the plates come with a bowl holder in the middle

when I went up to get my ice cream, I noticed they only had these dinky little cups and I wanted a lot of ice cream so I took a plate and started to serve myself some ice cream and I noticed a lot of people looking at me…………

green tea ice cream


overall, service was alright. I think there was only one incident when our waittress neglected us and empty plates really piled up in the middle. but besides that she did a pretty good job of clearing away our plates after we finished.

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Unagi and Sushi in New Orleans

Unagi and Sushi
2701 Airline Dr.
Metairie, LA

This place is very easy to miss because its on the outer corner of Rouse’s in a shopping plaza. And the sign for it kinda blends in with the building.

hidden gem in a plaza

The ambiance here was a bit on the minimal side, but for an Asian restaurant, very clean and new looking. None of that carpet from the 80s business here! I did like the fans on the wall behind the sushi bar though.


My fellow foodie ordered the sushi roll combination for lunch. For $7.95 she ordered the (from many choices) the salmon avocado roll and crunchy roll (crabstick, shrimp, avocado and tempura flakes) with miso soup and generic Japanese salad with sour orange stuff on top.

usual miso soup


generic Japanese salad

roll combo

She said out of the two rolls, the crunchy roll was by far her favorite.

up close n personal

I decided to be a little more adventurous and try some of the House special rolls.

Unforgettable roll and desiree roll

The first one I selected was the Unforgettable Roll for $12.95, it was a sushi roll with salmon, tuna, spicy tuna, tempura shrimp, snowcrab, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, smelt roe all wrapped in a pink soy wrap.  I really love when sushi flavor is enhanced by the tang of cream cheese. This place served very fresh sushi! And this was by far my favorite!

unforgettable roll

I also had the desiree roll for $6.95 which had crawfish, shrimp, and eel sauce and then the entire roll was dunked in a light batter and deep fried! It was still hot on my plate! It was amazing! And a total steal for its value!

desiree roll



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Sushi Sam's Edomata in San Mateo, CA

Sushi Sam’s Edomata
218 E 3rd Ave
San Mateo, California 94401

Wow, I think there should be word of caution that even though a restaurant in the San Francisco area has over 700 yelp reviews, doesn’t mean jack! I didn’t realize that yelp was invented in San Francisco, so it’s part of the SanFran culture to yelp about every little experience, thus leading to restaurants with hundreds of posts. For me and the cities I’ve been to, a place w over 100 yelp reviews might be worth checking out. With that in mind and that Sushi Sam’s somehow managed to maintain a 4 out of 5 average, I decided to go check it out. Ok, first con, they don’t accept AmEx. Second con, very small, I counted about 12 tables and they don’t take reservations, although you can call ahead and put your name on the wait list for a table (not sure what that does because when you get there, you still have to wait a super long time). Third con, this place lacks maki rolls! I”m not brave enough to eat raw sushi pieces, so I avoid sashimi and try to justify myself in front of other asians by going for the maki roll which masks the raw sushi flavor. I was having a really hard time finding rolls on their menu and the waiter looked surprised at me and said he could ask the sushi chef to make us some rolls if we really wanted them…………..whoops!

So after pissing off the head sushi chef (Japanese dude) and our waiter (Chinese dude), we ordered Philly roll (cream cheese + sushi), dragon roll (unagi + avocado), spicy tuna roll,  spider roll (soft shell crab fried), 2 pieces of salmon (for the other person i was eating with), and a shrimp tempura hand roll.

very authentic looking japanese tea pot

mmmmmmmmm Sapporo

you can tell rolls ain't their specialty

fresh sashimi

dragon roll and spider roll

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Rock N Sake in New Orleans

Rock N Sake Cafe
823 Fulton St.
New Orleans, LA 70130

Parking in this area is pretty difficult. Fulton st is really narrow and one way making parking pretty scarce in the Ware House district. Rock N Sake has plenty of space and the waiters were all very friendly. My food was ready on time which was a huge plus for someone who called in 20 minutes earlier. I was a little disappointed with how small the LSU roll was, only about 6 pieces for $13… The calamari crunch roll was a really good size for $10. The sushi quality was extremely fresh and delicious. The other rolls on the menu were quite creative, just the prices would stop me from becoming a regular here. But otherwise, delicious sushi!

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The Commons in New Orleans

The Commons
1010 Common St
New Orleans, LA 70112

Wow so I broke my own cardinal rule and went out to eat without my camera on me. Luckily in this day and age, every cellphone has a camera on it. Sorry for the poor quality pictures! This place is a delicious really unknown restaurant. The sushi quality is decent. The prices are amazing, you can get 6 pieces of any sushi rolls for about $4.50 to $6.50 each. This place has huge space, but I think because its existence is relatively unknown (no website, doesn’t even come up on google maps), not very many customers. It’s walking distance from Tulane hospital which is nice because it saves you the headache of finding parking in the CBD. And ton of waittresses who hang around near your table but not in a creepy,stalkerish manner. Everybody should check out their huge menu (lots of vegetarian options).

sashimi lunch special for $10

crunchy dynamite, philadephia and spicy tuna (all for $15)

very delicious

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