Mike's Pastry in Boston, MA

Mike’s Pastry
300 Hanover St.
Boston, MA

This is a very well known neighborhood pastry shop in Little Italy ever since the Clintons dined here and put this place on the map! (like what the Kennedys did with Cape Cod). When I was finally able to find parking in the North End (what seemed to take forever because the streets are so packed and narrow), I saw this line going out the door and down the street! No joke! I took a picture to prove it!

line out the door

And once you get inside, it’s not just a single file line, it’s a mob! Everyone pushes to the front because they have about 6-7 girls working the front, running around to get everyone’s orders.

cannolis are their specialty

Since this place is known for their cannolis, I went with two kinds:

Box of joy

the chocolate chip filled with chocolate mousse. it was a pretty nice change from the traditional cannoli that I’m so used to.

chocolate chip cannoli

The traditional cannoli is filled with ricotta cheese cream. The shells are baked early in the morning and then as customers order them, they are filled with whatever filling you ask for (so as to insure that you will receive a fresh cannoli versus a soggy one). Then you have the option of getting powdered sugar (which is a must!). So good! And very filling!

ricotta cream cannoli

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Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston, MA

Faneuil Hall Marketplace
1 Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Boston, MA

Tons tourists here with huge cameras, so I blended in just fine. Came here for lunch with the family. Tip for next time: park at 75 State St. parking garage because you get validation with purchase from any of the vendors at Faneuil, versus the garage on Clinton St. (which is next door) does not validate.

the view from the parking garage

Welcome to Quincy Market

We don’t come here that often unless we have out-0f-towners with us, so we figure a place with “Chowda” in the name must be pretty legit. Altho lines are long (except for maybe the Thai place and Indian place), everything moves along quite nice. And if you can’t find seats right away, give it a minute and you’ll see someone get up from a table. There is also standing areas with tables, and an eating area upstairs.

Best clam chowder bread bowls in Faneuil Hall

i don’t know why someone would bother with something else besides clam chowder when you come to Boston

they have other soups too

i started to drool when I saw this window case.

i love lobster rolls

The bread was alright (sourdough I believe). The soup was ok too, nothing spectacular. I’m pretty sure Faneuil Hall is here mainly for the tourists and so they don’t mind over-paying for Boston’s famous clam chowder.

clam chowder bread bowl!!

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