The Irish House in New Orleans

The Irish House
1432 St. Charles Ave.
New Orleans, LA

the restaurant

We came here because we had a groupon. I’ve driven by this place countless times and it always looked packed. So from the outside this place looked chill so I walked over (yes that’s right. i live close enough to walk) in my t-shirt, jeans, and Rainbows, only to discover shortly after taking this photo that this is actually a nicer bar than I had imagined. I had enough time to rush home, change into nice clothes and drive over and still get there to meet my friend on time. sweet.

soda bread

I believe this place opened in about August or so. The ambiance was nice, dark wooden tables and huge plasma screens all over the place. So i guess this would be a good place to watch Saints games (as if New Orleans watches anything else………maybe LSU games. but even then, someone told me that Tulane is jealous of LSU’s football team and so by default cheers whatever team is opposing LSU).


They had a decent beer list so we went with a Guinness. Joe really enjoyed it.

cheesy fries

since I read online that the fries are good, we started off with the cheesy fries. I wouldn’t say these were amazing but they were good. Very hot (cheese was still melting on them as they came out)

fish and chips

Joe had the fish and chips. He didn’t like how the batter came off so easily from the fish. I tried a bite and thought it was good but Joe wasn’t a fan.

chicken wings

my friend ordered the chicken wings. she had had someone else’s wings at this venue a few nights ago and all she could think about were these wings. I tried one and thought they were pretty good. lots of sauce. make sure you have plenty of napkins nearby so you don’t look like a cavewoman like I did.

Bangers and mash

I had the bangers and mash and thought these were really good. The potatoes were creamy and the sausage was good. I always wondered where the term bangers and mash came from and so I looked it up and saw that in WWII, the British were rationing everything and the sausages were prepared in such a way (back then, not today) that if the sausages were left on high heat for too long, they exploded (BANG!).

chocolate tower

we ended our night with this chocolate trifle which was delish! Overall, I would say the experience was pretty solid (altho most of our food was English, not Irish) and kinda expensive for pubfare but we had a groupon.

Garden House in Lawrence, MA


Garden House
108 Winthrop Avenue  Lawrence, MA 01843

(978) 691-5448Being one of two restaurants in the area to get Korean food, my family has been coming here for years. there’s another Korean restaurant in Lawrence not too far from this one but it’s constantly changing owners/managers/chefs and my parents ate here recently and were terribly dissatisfied with the quality of the korean buffet. (my mom said a lot of the food was days old).


We usually get the same few dishes, the sweet and sour beef (tangsooyuk). The beef is covered in a light batter and then deep fried while a thick, sweet and sour sauce is made separately and then poured onto the meat. we usually order to go because the area isn’t the safest at night (there’s actually a sign asking customers not to park in their own parking lot any more  because of recent frequent thefts). so it’s nice that they pack the sauces separate to keep things from getting soggy. I prefer the smaller pieces cuz they’re crunchier and easier to chew.


so actually a friend of the family used to own this restaurant and he went to Korea to learn how to make really good jajangmyun and then came back and gave the recipe to this restaurant so whenever we go we almost always order the Double Jajangmyun (for a few bucks more, you can get double the amount). This dish is great for sharing. I love the black bean based sauce with lots of savory veggies.


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Tracey’s in New Orleans, LA

2604 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA


I came here because of a Groupon but I had actually been wanting to check out this place for a while. One of my friends eats here regularly cuz of their wings and reubens so I wanted to check it out.


it was fun trying to figure out how to spend $20 at Tracey’s! So many choices. I ended up asking the guy behind the counter for local favorites (whenever I go out with my big camera, ppl assume I’m a tourist and they always ask me where I’m from……….then I say I live on St. Charles Ave and hide behind my camera).


I feel that this place is more Irish then the Irish House on St. Charles Ave. For one thing, there’s a counter on the Tracey’s website counting down to St. Patrick’s Day. True Irish!! Apparently Tracey’s is the original Irish bar in New Orleans. When I walked in, the number of TV’s in the place was astonishing. Then I looked online to see that this is the only bar with 20 TV’s!

hot sausage po boy

my friend had the hot sausage po boy which came highly recommended by the girl behind the counter. She said that this was their po boy served at the po boy fest and they sell out all the time. I sneaked a bite and it was really good. The sausage had a kick to it.

cheesy fries

we split an order of cheesy fries so that our total could be $20. these were great!


I had the reuben which came with a side of potato salad. the reuben was delicious. The meat was juicy and the sauce was off the rocks! The potato salad wasn’t great, but not terrible either. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of potato salad.

potato salad

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Yo Mama’s in New Orleans

Yo Mama’s
727 St. Peter
New Orleans, LA

the front

This bar has a prime location in the middle of the Quarter. Is it weird that so many bars were open on a Sunday morning? We got to lunch a bit early (like 11 AM) but I wanted to make sure we got seats. When we arrived, we were offered seats upstairs or downstairs, and when we went upstairs we couldn’t tell that it was daytime so we came back downstairs.

peanut butter and bacon burger

this burger has a ton of hype around town so I tried it. I will say that it is very creative to combine peanut butter and bacon. I just don’t know if it works with the texture of ground meat….But it was delicious.

loaded baked potato

I ordered the loaded baked potato which was pretty usual for a baked potato.

texas BBQ burger

Joe had the texas BBQ burger which did come out with a bunch of avocado on top. He had ordered his burger medium and it came out well done an super dry (even with the salsa on it).  He was not a fan of this burger….

mac and cheese

His came with mac and cheese on the side which was very bland and overcooked. I guess this place is alright for bar but not really for the food (*sorry to everyone who loves these burgers, I was just not wow-ed by them).

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Tacos Lupita in Haverhill, MA

Tacos Lupita
194 River St
Haverhill, MA 01832

the front

I’m not too familiar with Haverhill but when I read about this place, I really wanted to check it out. Luckily for me, this restaurant is on the major street right off of HWY 495 which makes driving here really convenient. But I did drive right by it when I was looking it. The red sign blends in well with the brick. Street parking is a bit tough to find but there are a few 15 min spots right in front.

lots of choices

For vegetarians though, seek elsewehere. My mom usually goes for vegetarian burritos but the only option here was rice, beans, tomatoes and lettuce which is pretty disappointing for vegetarians. They also don’t have any seafood options for those of you who thought, well I am a vegetarian but I also eat fish.

"vegetarian burrito"

My brother and I got the steak burritos. The meats all looked great and there were so many juicy flavors: al pastor, steak, chicken, chorizo (pork sausage). This authentic mexican joint is a gem outside of Boston. This is great for those who don’t want to deal with the chaos that is Boston traffic and parking. The food is great and all the prices are under $10 per entree (the burritos were like $5!!). They also serve tacos (hard shell, soft shell), quesadilla, gorda (Mexican sandwich).

my extra spicy steak burrito

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Guru the Caterer in Somerville, MA

Guru the Caterer
1297 Broadway
Somerville, MA

the front

I was having a hankering for Indian food but didn’t want to deal with the crazy boston lunch rush. This place opened at 11 AM, so while in my pajamas at 11:10 AM, I called this place from my bed in Andover to place an order for take out (should take like 20-30 min which is about the time it will take for my commute). When I called to place my order, the guy on the phone said “10 minutes.” I thought “CRAP!” and jumped out of bed and got ready so fast and yet I was still 20 minutes late to pick up my food. The awesome thing was that my food was waiting for me on a heater and so when I finally got my food home, it was still warm.When I got to this location, I could see why this is a take out location, there were only 2 tables!

chicken tikka masala

This chicken tikka masala lived up to its hype. This was one of the best I’ve ever had. It came with a side of aloo methi (potatoes with fenagreek leaves and spices).

sloo methi

the flavor of the aloo methi was actually too strong for me


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the filling was the kind where they mash up everything and then put it inside the dough. I prefer the other way where you can tell what is what.

Zoe’s in Baton Rouge, LA

7707 Bluebonnet Rd.
Baton Rouge, LA


Me and my friends happened to be in Perkins Rowe and decided to grab a quick bite to eat at an affordable price. I was told that this place was the solution. This place reminds me of Panera (all you Northerner’s will know what I’m talking about).

chicken kabob

The chicken kabob plate comes out with 2 skewers, grilled peppers and onion, tomato, rice pilaf and side greek salad. The rice pilaf wasn’t amazing but the chicken was juicy. Ok, maybe a Panera with a Greek influence.

vegetable kabob

The vegetable kabob plate had charbroiled portobello, zucchini, peppers, onion, tomato, braised white beans, and side greek salad. Dear Vegetarians, you will not be disappointed!

steak roll-ups

I had the steak roll-ups with sliced tri-tip, swiss, sauteed mushroom, caramelized onions, and dipping sauce which was some sort of blue cheese dressing. The steak was of good quality and surprisingly tasty. When I saw this, I thought oh man, I”m not going to fill up on this but I was wrong! I was a comfortable full (the level past “when’s my next snack” but before “why did I do this to myself!”).

chocolate cake

This had to be one of the moistest, richest chocolate cakes ever. It was spectacular and now I know where to go to assuage my sweet tooth.

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Panda King in New Orleans (Dim Sum)

Panda King
925 Behrman Hwy
Gretna, LA

This is the only dim sum restaurant in the area, they serve dim sum on the weekends from 10:30 AM to 2 PM. It is adjacent to a buffet restaurant with the exact same name so don’t make the same mistake as me and wait for your friends for a dim sum lunch at the buffet side…….Cuz you’ll be waiting for a while. So you probably think that I’ll be generous in my review given that this is the only option for dim sum in the area but they actually have a wide range of selections and they’re all pretty decent. Some of the rice noodle dishes are on the bland side, but the rest of the dishes are solid. Definitely worth the drive over to West Bank (don’t forget a $1 for the toll on the way back!)

clams in brown sauce

Hong Kong egg rolls

crabmeat ball

shrimp shumai

shrimp in long rice noodle

shrimp ball

beef chow fun bite size

pork shumai

pork dumpling

red bean paste inside a sesame seed rice ball

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Grassfields Steak and Seafood in Andover, MA

Grassfields Steak and Seafood
207 N. Main St.
Andover, MA

the front

My family loves this restaurant but so does every senior citizen in Andover, MA. This restaurant open their doors for lunch every day at 11:15 AM and the senior citizens usually pack the place by 11:30 so if you want to get there without waiting for a table, plan accordingly.


This bread is one of my favorite things at Grassfield’s. The outside is crispy and the inside is sooo soft. And  it tastes phenomenal. I sometimes request an entire loaf to go which they are awesome about.

house salad

Our family usually gets a few of these side salads and split them amongst ourselves. Nothing spectacular, need some fresh veggies when you eat a heavy meal like this.

chicken teriyaki with steak tips

my brother loves these combo meals where you can get 2 entrees for $2 more than each individual entree.  they use a sweet teriyaki sauce for the chicken. I’m not a huge fan of their steak tips, I tend to find it on the chewy side. But my brother loves this combo and inhales it every time we eat here.

rice pilaf

The prized rice pilaf! This dish is buttery goodness! It’s a rice pilaf with spinach and not too much cream. This is my favorite side dish and whenever people get other sides, they always end up reaching over for mine!

baked crabmeat pie

The jumbo maryland crabmeat pie has pieces of crabmeat baked in butter covered in bread crumbs. This dish is hot, so be careful when eating it.  So delicious. I would highly recommend this as your splurge meal for the week.

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