Tracey’s in New Orleans, LA

2604 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA


I came here because of a Groupon but I had actually been wanting to check out this place for a while. One of my friends eats here regularly cuz of their wings and reubens so I wanted to check it out.


it was fun trying to figure out how to spend $20 at Tracey’s! So many choices. I ended up asking the guy behind the counter for local favorites (whenever I go out with my big camera, ppl assume I’m a tourist and they always ask me where I’m from……….then I say I live on St. Charles Ave and hide behind my camera).


I feel that this place is more Irish then the Irish House on St. Charles Ave. For one thing, there’s a counter on the Tracey’s website counting down to St. Patrick’s Day. True Irish!! Apparently Tracey’s is the original Irish bar in New Orleans. When I walked in, the number of TV’s in the place was astonishing. Then I looked online to see that this is the only bar with 20 TV’s!

hot sausage po boy

my friend had the hot sausage po boy which came highly recommended by the girl behind the counter. She said that this was their po boy served at the po boy fest and they sell out all the time. I sneaked a bite and it was really good. The sausage had a kick to it.

cheesy fries

we split an order of cheesy fries so that our total could be $20. these were great!


I had the reuben which came with a side of potato salad. the reuben was delicious. The meat was juicy and the sauce was off the rocks! The potato salad wasn’t great, but not terrible either. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of potato salad.

potato salad

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Ye Olde College Inn in New Orleans, LA

Ye Olde College Inn
3000 S. Carrollton Ave
New Orleans, LA

the front

I’ve heard of this restaurant from countless friends but I never had the chance to dine here before tonight. The wait was pretty ridiculous even with our dinner reservation, we were seated about 20 minutes after the reservation. We were so hungry we were on the verge of going to Felipe’s for dinner instead but then the hostess came over to let us know our table was ready. I guess one perk to eating late was that we were the only table for our energetic waiter and so we got a lot of excited descriptions about the items on the menu.


I like the ambiance, it’s a mix of sports bar and old fashioned pub depending on which section you sit in. We got to sit in the old fashioned pub area with our wooden benches.

oysters bleu

we started off with the oysters bleu which were delicious. Joe said too much blue cheese but in my opinion, you can never have enough blue cheese. The fresh oysters are flash fried with the perfect amount of batter and then topped with blue cheese on a bed of iceberg lettuce.

the famous cheeseburger

Joe was indecisive between a po boy and the cheeseburger and so we asked our informative waiter for his expert onion and he could not stop raving about this burger. “I don’t want to gross you out, but this hamburger was mooing 2 days ago. That’s how fresh it is.” And somehow, that line sold Joe and he had to try this burger. Ye Olde College Inn has their own farm in Louisiana where they grow fresh veggies and raise cows for their restaurant (a real farm-to-table kind of deal).

fresh catch of the day

Our waiter had the fresh catch of the day for lunch and so when I asked him to describe it, I could tell how good it was by how he illustrated it. He said that the red fish was very fresh and then prepared in various methods (grilled, braised, baked with garlic) on top of corn maque choux which was heavenly. The fish was light and flaky and the corn was sooooooo flavorful.

bread pudding po boy

Our waiter was nice enough to bring out this dessert on the house. He called it “the lovechild of a beignet and a bread pudding.” The top was flaky and the bottom was moist and delicious. It’s obvious why this dish won “Best of Show” at the 2nd annual po boy fest.

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Crabby Jack's in New Orleans, LA

Crabby Jack’s
428 Jefferson Highway
New Orleans, LA

I happened to be in the area at lunch time and decided to check out if this place was open. (I had heard through friends that this place keeps odd hours). I think the hours are like 10 AM to 4 PM or so.  This place has the best shrimp po boy award in town and so I had to go and taste for myself. Walking in, I knew what I was going to order beforehand but I was surprised by how small the menu was.

shrimp po boy

I was impressed with just the sheer size of this half sandwich. There was plenty of shrimp for me to make a 2nd sandwich with this thing.  The batter for the shrimp was delicious too. I had ordered my food to go because I was feeling a little self conscious about eating out alone and  I didn’t bring a book and I had already read all the stories on The sandwich smelled so delicious on the drive home. A mix of seafood and salt scent filled my car (the new car smell had been long gone at this point). When I got home and unwrapped this baby, I knew this could easily make two meals. However, losing all sense of propriety and self control after my first bite, I inhaled the entire thing in one sitting as I watched the newest Modern Family episode.

onion ring

I asked what was the best side order and the woman behind the counter told me to get the onion rings. these were super crunchy. Like gonna break your molar and need emergency oral surgery kind of crunchy.

cochon de lait

the cochon de lait was highly recommended as the 2nd best sandwich at this restaurant. since this place is a favorite of locals, I knew I wanted to try this sandwich. Since I was knocked out from my shrimp po boy induced coma, I saved this sandwich for the next day and reheated it in the oven. It was still good. This meat was sooo tasty.

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Mulate’s in New Orleans

Mulate’s the Original Cajun restaurant
201 Julia Street
New Orleans, LA

I was ecstatic to find parking on Julia St in the CBD/French quarter area. Most of the customers here were out of towners here for some conference so I guess that’s why there wasn’t much competition for parking since they all just walked over from their hotels.

We started off with gumbo, this thin soup with a bitter file powder base was your usual gumbo. It came packed with bits and pieces of crawfish.

My brother had the fried shrimp po boy with french fries. I really liked the tangy sauce that came on the shrimp. These po boys were huge!

My dad had the fried tilapia sandwich because the waittress said that the tilapia looked really good this morning. It had a very strong fishy flavor.

My mom had the fried crawfish sandwich which had a bit too much of a seafood flavor for me.

I had the crabmeat au gratin because I was in the mood for something delicious and cheesy. Totally not worth the $25. It was generic shredded Kraft cheese and the little dish that it was cooked in was burnt and so my crabmeat had a burnt flavor. Ugh. The main thing I liked was the twice baked potato (covered in cheese) that came on the side.

My crabmeat also came with a tiny little dish of jambalaya that I wanted my parents to sample but it was quite flavorless.

Unfortunately, I think this place is your typical tourist trap.
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Short Stop Po Boys in Metairie, LA

Short Stop Po Boys
119 Transcontinenal Dr.
Metairie, LA

I heard that most of the po boys shops in New Orleans started off as grocery stores that served po boys. When you walk into this place, you can tell from the lay out that this could’ve been a grocery store before because the kitchen and cash register are off to one side and the present seating area could have been aisles of grocery.

Short Stop Po Boy


Word on the street was that the Roast Beef Po Boy is the best in New Orleans. Thanks to a Groupon coupon, for $5 I got to eat half of a 13 inch Roast Beef Po Boy and half of a 13 inch Shrimp po boy. Slick!

eating area

If you’re going to attempt the roast beef po boy, prepare to have a ton of napkins ready and hand sanitizer cuz you’re gonna need it. The roast beef itself is very tender and drowning in a delicious beef based gravy. The bread however became super soggy and difficult to eat. The swiss cheese I selected complimented the somewhat salty gravy and roast beef very well.

roast beef po boy

the second sandwich was shrimp po boy which we ordered with creole mustard and lettuce. Unfortunately, they forgot the creole mustard which I didn’t think was that of a big deal. Until I started eating this sandwich and realized how extremely dry it was without any sauce. It was very difficult to swallow the stale bread without any sort of gravy or sauce. The shrimp itself wasn’t bad but the dry bread made it almost unbearable.

shrimp po boy

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Po Boy Fest

Po Boy Fest

Oak St. and Carrollton St.
New Orleans,

This post is dedicated to a very special couple that spent a few hours with me today on their precious anniversary! It really meant the world to me that they took time from their busy schedule to enjoy some po boys w me! Thank you, Romanellis!!

the Romanellis

I can’t believe I missed this event last year, what was I thinking? A little tip to those who are new on the scene, ask for a 1/2 po boy (it’s not on the menu), but it’ll give you room to try a bunch of different po boys. It was super crowded! At certain points, walking traffic was literally at stand-still!

Po Boy Fest Banner

And what is a festival in New Orleans without music! It was nice because the live music wasn’t so loud that you couldn’t hear what your neighbor was saying. Pleasant background music that was barely audible towards the middle of the streets.

live jazz music

#1: First po boy of the day was the Dante’s Kitchen’s Confit pork Cuban po-boy w/black pepper bourbon mustard. It was juicy and the cucumber gave it an extra, fresh flavor.

confit pork Cuban po boy!

confit pork cuban po boy

#2: Next up was Boucherie’s 12 hour roast beef po-boy with red pickled onions & horseradish cream. It was delicious! You could taste the 12 hours of braising! The red picked onions wasn’t overpowering, very nice!

12 hour roast beef po-boy with red pickled onions & horseradish cream

#3: Next up was Barcelona’s Tapas’s Spanish-style pork loin medallions and gouda po-boy. This was by far, the favorite of the group. There were bits of jalapenos giving it an extra spicy kick. The gouda and pork flavors worked in great harmony.

Spanish-style pork loin medallions and gouda po-boy

#4: Then Zea’s almond crunchy shrimp po boy. This was a super creative po boy, crunchy shrimp tossed in sauce with a fresh, citrus asian sesame seed dressing flavor.

Zea's po boy

#5: Next up was Parkway Bakery and Tavern’s Slow roasted chuck roast po-boy. Dang, I felt like they should’ve given us bowls and spoons with this thing. It was super messy trying to eat. The bread got super soggy fast.

Slow roasted chuck roast po-boy

#6: So excited for Jacques-Imo’s Fried green tomato with shrimp remoulade po-boy. The fried green tomato was interesting, because it had the crispy crunch of fried food with a wave of refreshing tomato juice. The shrimp remoulade was amazing, not too sour or strong like other remoulades I’ve had before.

Fried green tomato with shrimp remoulade po-boy

#7: Blue Frog Chocolate’s Icy Hot Chocolate (frozen drink). It literally tasted like hot chocolate I’ve had at ski lodges up in the White Mountains of NH. I had no idea you could freeze hot chocolate but Blue Frog did!

Icy Hot Chocolate (frozen drink)

#8: Ye Olde College Inn’s Fried bread pudding po-boy. This was well worth the hype. It was sweet and hot and crispy yet chewy at the same time. SO GOOD!

Fried bread pudding po-boy

Fiorella Cafe in New Orleans

Fiorella Cafe in New Orleans
1136 Decatur St.
New Orleans, LA 70116

When you walk by this place, you think dirty, grundgey restaurant, no thank you. Even when you peek inside, you’re still thinking no way, jose. After glancing at the bare menu, you’re probably thinking hmmmm where else could I have gone for better food in the Quarter. It’s not until the food comes out (after a painstakingly long time) that you begin to think maybe I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. And its when you take a bite out of that first french fry when you think, its love at first taste. Haha. Or at least this was my thought progression when I came here. The fries definitely made this place worth it. This place is known for their roast beef po boys which looked delicious. Although the mayo was a little heavy for this artery-clogging sandwich, the sauce was amazing and blended well with the flavor of the meat. I ordered the fried chicken basket, which was definitely no where near “the best in new orleans” as this restaurant boasted.  I guess for the price, the quality is fair.

Spinach and Artichoke Dip: warm blend of baked spinach and artichoke hearts w parmesan cheese served w toasted focaccia bread

southern fried chicken basket

Roast beef po boy w mushrooms and provolone cheese

lets get another look at that thing

the legen-wait-for-it-dary french fries

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Mother’s restaurant

Mother’s Restaurant
401 Poydras St.
New Orleans, LA

their famous baked ham

my very first jambalaya in new orleans! which was quite tasty!

their gumbo, however, was not .

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Mandina’s Restaurant

Mandina’s Restaurant
3800 Canal St.
New Orleans, LA 70119

Beware, cash only! Parking lot is convenient except that this place gets so full that you’re going to have to look for street parking in what resembles a residential area. (One time I saw a cop drive up his police car onto the sidewalk, and then walk in and eat! hahaha)

The food here is great at a good price,

shrimp po'boy

crab po'boy

and since it’s big, it’s great for families and larger gatherings.

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