Kanno California Sushi Bar in Metairie, LA

Kanno California Sushi Bar
3205 Edenborn Ave
Metairie, LA

the front

This is a hidden nook in Metairie, LA. Not many people know where this is because it’s on a little side street and out of view in a little plaza. I had read some iffy things about the service here so I wasn’t too sure if this was worth the trip. The food was good but I did wait an awful long time for the check to come out (and it’s kinda awkward when you’re out eating alone. you kinda just want to get out as soon as  you’ve had a good meal).


I think I counted maybe 6 tables in total. There were no tables available when I arrived for lunch so I sat at the sushi bar. The chef didn’t really talk to me which was fine cuz I ended up pulling out a book.

spider roll

The spider roll had deep fried soft shell crab, snow crab, avocado, smelt roe wrapped in colorful soy bean paper with a tangy fantasy sauce.  This was delicious and probably my favorite roll of the day.

Elvis roll

Elvis roll had salmon, avocado, mix snow crab with blue crab on top. This particular roll had a lot of hype online. Are you guys seeing this thing? It was literally impossible to finish one piece in one bite. The sushi chef watched in amazement as I failed at my first attempt and got sauce down the front of my shirt. After my catastrophe, I decided to be more lady like and cut each roll in half length-wise and then scoop up the halves one at a time. It did take twice as long to eat, but at least I wasn’t making a fool of myself in the process.

chocolate dessert

I was surprised when this came out. I had read online other reviewers complaining about the blatant favoritism at this restaurant and how only the regular clients get this chocolate dessert. Well, I’m here to say you’re wrong! This was my first time eating here and I got a chocolate dessert!

deep fried shrimp roll

Well I came back like I said I would! I had the deep fried shrimp roll and the filet mignon roll. Both were out of this world and I highly recommend these rolls.

filet mignon roll

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