Il Me Jung Korean BBQ in Houston, TX

Il Me Jung Korean BBQ
10017 Long Point Rd
Houston, TX 77055

the front

this place had falsely inflated reviews on yelp and I was very disappointed with this establishment and yelp. it seemed like a lot of asians liked this place and so I thought sure, why not. but the prices were ridiculously high for the quality that was served. the restaurant itself is very small and the service can only speak Korean.

seafood pajun

the seafood pancake was alright. really large and lots of seafood in it. the batter itself was pretty generic. it was nice that they gave us a lot for the price.


i had asked them to make the soondooboo (soft tofu stew) extra spicy. my table and i agreed that this was definitely not a spicy soup. the rest of the meal was not as great for my wallet.

korean bbq

our table ordered 3 types of meat because our waitress told us that each meat plate was individual serving size. the samgyubsal (korean bacon) was only 3 slices, so I agreed with her on that one, that it was only for one person. the dwehigogi (spicy marinated pork) was definitely enough for multiple people. they gave us a ton of it and it tasted quite good. the Kalbi was my favorite but it cost $23! it cost so much for the little amount they gave us.

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ChungDam in Atlanta, GA

ChungDam Restaurant
2550 Pleasant Hill Rd.
Duluth, GA 30096

Great thing about this location is that it’s located in the same plaza as a Super H-Mart. So you can grab a meal and groceries in one trip. From the outside, this place looks expensive, which is why two people shared one lunch plate (which was filling enough). The decor was set in old school Korean fashion with polished wooden benches and a built-in grill at each table. I saw the fancy private room; it was a room with low long tables, and each seat was a fancy pillow.

the galbi (kalbi) was amazing. the meat was tender and flavorful and fell off the bone!

this is probably one of my favorite korean desserts, it’s like a red bean paste covered with fried dough in the shape of a fish. I bought it at the neighboring super H-mart. There is also one with chocolate filling but nothing beats traditional red bean paste!

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