Jungle Cafe in Houston, TX

Jungle Cafe
9889 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX

the front

we came here for some desserts. they are all very prettily decorated and at extremely high prices! overall, i thought the quality was good but not great especially in the flavor category.

pistachio cake

this cake had a velvety pistachio flavor to it. it was very rich.

black forest cake

i was excited for this cake because it was supposed to be a chocolate cake that tasted more like a brownie. the star of this dish was the chocolate macaroon. it was light and airy and flavorful.

Tapioca House in Houston, TX

Tapioca House
9104 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX

the front

with so many choices in chinatown for Boba, how did I end up here? This place is known for their soft and flavorful boba (or tapioca balls or pearls). I went with taro which is my favorite.


they serve hot plates and boba drinks. i was not impressed by the sign that was charging extra money for various things (an additional 50 cents if you ordered an iced coffee without ice?)

taro boba tea

the taro drink was delicious and i gotta admit, the boba was really good quality.

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Spindletop In Houston, TX

1200 Louisiana St.
Houston, TX

to the top of the Hyatt

we dined at the top of the Hyatt tonight at the Spindletop. even though we arrived 2 hours before our reservation, they sat us right away (they told us they were completely booked which is why we had such a late reservation to begin with, but when we arrived, about half of the tables were empty).


we started off with the crabcake with chipotle remoulade and mango salsa. the crabcake had a ton of crabmeat in it(very nice! not much filler).

seared tuna

the seared tuna wasn’t very impressive. the pan seared tuna was served with lime wasabi, fried tortilla stack and passion fruit sauce.

avocado dome

the avocado dome is the appetizer the Spindletop is known for and so we actually ordered this first and was told that they were out. After our other 2 appetizers came out, the waiter brought out an avocado dome on the house (he said they were able to put one together).the description said it would be served with lump crabmeat but I think they filled it with some sort of cole slaw with a bit of crabmeat.

Seafood paella

the seafood paella is the signature dish and is served with Maine lobster, black mussels, clams, chorizo sausage, shrimp and fire roasted corn.

porterhouse steak

the porterhouse steak was the special of the night. the member of my party that ordered this dish asked for medium rare and when he cut into the steak, it was well-done. he wasn’t going to complain tho because the restaurant had given us a free avocado dome, but the waiter happened to be walking by when this happened and told us that he had already placed an order for another porterhouse steak and took the well done one back to the kitchen. sadly, this porterhouse steak did not arrive until everyone else was done with their entrees. but at least the new steak was medium rare!

sea bass

i had the sea bass and let me tell you, this plate sang! it was amazing! the pan seared sea bass was cooked in a lavender-lime reduction. it was cooked well and was light and flaky to the touch. this poblano jam (purple mashed potato looking stuff) was amazing! it tasted great and was slightly sweet.

filet mignon

joe had the filet mignon which wasn’t the most tender of filets i’ve ever had but was ok. the filet mignon was prepared in a demi shallot glaze. it was served with texas roasted goat cheese which was crunchy.

strawberry shortcake

our table received a free strawberry shortcake because they had messed up the porterhouse steak order. the shortcake was delicious and accentuated the strawberries.

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Star Ice In Houston, TX

Star Ice
9889 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77063

the front

this place seems like a hang out for the younger crowd. when I was here, there were teenagers at almost every table.

lots of fresh fruit to choose from

i was pleased to see the enormous selection of fruit toppings. very impressive.

avocado smoothie and jasmine tea

the jasmine tea with boba is what they are known for and it was refreshing with a kick to it. the avocado smoothie was disappointing and flavorless.
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Goode Company's Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie

Brazos bottom pecan pie, named one of Oprah’s favorite things, is a homemade recipe created in 1977.

cool box

This homemade, slow-cooked pie is a Goode Company specialty, packaged in a commemorative gift box reminding you to “thank your lucky stars you’re in Texas”… and that someone sent you something so delicious. I was fortunate enough to receive a complimentary pie in the mail and let me tell you what a joy it was to open the package and see the wooden crate.

pecan pie

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you’ve probably got one thing on your mind: holiday shopping. (With what to serve beside your turkey a close second, of course.) Goode Company – best known throughout the country for their delicious barbecue and Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie – is hosting an all-day Cyber Monday promotion, full of hourly deals on all of Goode Company’s most sought after items.

On Monday, November 28 from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., you will find a new deal every hour on the hour ranging from free barbecue sauce with purchase, 25% off of that delectable Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie and surprise gift card giveaways..  

To become a true Goode Company insider and to learn about the deals before anyone else, we encourage those interested to sign up for our newsletter at http://bit.ly/rAlhVD. Here, they will be able to see the very first deal of the day at 7am, as well as learn more about Goode Company deals happening after Cyber Monday. Bargain-seeking BBQ fans will need to like us on Facebook and follow @GoodeCompany on Twitter to see each deal as it becomes available each hour throughout the day.

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Il Me Jung Korean BBQ in Houston, TX

Il Me Jung Korean BBQ
10017 Long Point Rd
Houston, TX 77055

the front

this place had falsely inflated reviews on yelp and I was very disappointed with this establishment and yelp. it seemed like a lot of asians liked this place and so I thought sure, why not. but the prices were ridiculously high for the quality that was served. the restaurant itself is very small and the service can only speak Korean.

seafood pajun

the seafood pancake was alright. really large and lots of seafood in it. the batter itself was pretty generic. it was nice that they gave us a lot for the price.


i had asked them to make the soondooboo (soft tofu stew) extra spicy. my table and i agreed that this was definitely not a spicy soup. the rest of the meal was not as great for my wallet.

korean bbq

our table ordered 3 types of meat because our waitress told us that each meat plate was individual serving size. the samgyubsal (korean bacon) was only 3 slices, so I agreed with her on that one, that it was only for one person. the dwehigogi (spicy marinated pork) was definitely enough for multiple people. they gave us a ton of it and it tasted quite good. the Kalbi was my favorite but it cost $23! it cost so much for the little amount they gave us.

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Juice Box in Houston, TX

Juice Box
9889 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX

the front

this is the place to go to for shaved ice. for under $10, you can get a refreshing, fruity dessert.

shaved ice w banana, mango and strawberries

i had the mangoes, banana and strawberry with a scoop of strawberry ice cream. i was surprised by the condensed milk which worked nicely to hold together the ice shavings. the fruit were all very fresh. this is an excellent treat on a hot summer day.

shaved ice

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Goode Co BBQ in Houston, TX

Goode Co
5109 Kirby Drive
Houston, TX

the front

this is THE place to go for Houston BBQ. the sign on the front wall says “You might give some serious thought to thanking your lucky stars you’re in texas.” cute sign.


the prices are really reasonable for the food. there’s a buffet style line and the server is on the other side. you tell them what you want on your plate and at the end of the line, you pay for your plate.

ribs with prime rib and 2 sides

the ribs were practically falling off the bone. we asked for the BBQ sauce on the side. the sauce was home made and tasted like authentic BBQ sauce. i was not a fan of the sides (jambalaya, beans).

brisket with pork sausage and 2 sides

the brisket had a heavy smokey flavor. i liked the pork sausage a lot (the casings were crisp). i loved the jalapeno cheddar bread that came with each plate.

brisket sandwich

the brisket sandwich is their specialty. the bbq sauce balanced the smokey flavor of the brisket. the bread was chunky white. (i wish they had used the cheddar jalapeno bread instead).

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Todai Sushi Buffet in Houston, TX

Todai Sushi Buffet
7620 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX

the front

the entrance

sushi roll buffet


sashimi and crab legs



not only was I super impressed by the selection of the sushi rolls and sashimi (with no rice!), but there was this nice surprise! a churrascuria! brazilian style skewered meat with a server who cuts fresh slices onto your plate!

dessert buffet

plate #1

one thing I liked was that each sushi roll had its own distinct flavors. i hate it when I go to a sushi buffet and they’ve used the same sauce slathered onto every roll. and as you can see, I happened to be there when the shrimp tempura came out so I stocked up while I could (these always run out!)

plate #2

the meats were juicy but my favorite was the garlic prime beef. the filet mignon wrapped in bacon was disappointing.


there was a noodle bar where you could select the toppings that went into your ramen or udon.


the dessert crepes were kinda gross with a strawberry jam, fruits and chocolate mousse. not the most appealing combination.

dessert plate

the desserts were all flavorless and about what I expected from a sushi buffet.

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