Pinkberry in Boston, MA

288 Newbury St.
New Orleans, LA

Newbury st

I love walking down Newbury St. in Boston. It’s fun to see how many stores they try to cram into one block (there’s a downstairs, a upstairs and a regular entrance all in the same area………there really is no organization to the numbers of the addresses on the blocks (like  in Philadelphia, one block is one set of hundreds).

something new

I figured since I wasn’t payin for my dessert, I would go all out. I got to try the new pumpkin flavor the guy behind the counter suggested some cinnamon on top which totally made it amazing. So I got the pumpkin w cinnamon, some peanut butter crunch (pulling out all the stops!), mochi and heath bar bits.


Joe got something like my usual creation from Pinkberry. The regular yogurt and all fruits (altho he did personalize it with the chocolate chips). The service here was very friendly and awesome at letting us sample the various yogurt flavors.

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Yogurtland in New Orleans, LA

4903 Prytania St.
New Orleans, LA

the front

Well look who’s finally joined the New Orleans frozen yogurt scene! Welcome, Yogurtland! I’ve been expecting you!!


This is like the more affordable version of frozen yogurt done right! When we walked in, we were handed several sample cups (most stores are super strict on limiting the number of samples you get). Joe and I had enough to sample at least one of each flavor (there are like 10? 12?)

lots of candy options

Don’t forget, you can put as much frozen yogurt and toppings as you want, but they will charge you by the price. Now I am pretty used to my order and expect it to come out to about $10 at Red Mango (at Pinkberry, they control how much frozen yogurt you get and how much of each topping so they can’t really be compared to these self-serve places) so imagine my shock when I went to ring up my order and it was only $4!!! Hello, Yogurtland! Goodbye, Red Mango (that is all the way in Baton Rouge).

lots of fresh fruit options as well

The service was friendly, the place was uber clean (just opened up 3 weeks ago) and the toppings looked amazing. On top of that, the flavors were delicious. Not too much tart.

Joe's creation

Joe went for the chocolate milk shake flavor frozen yogurt with mochi, cookie dough, chocolate chip and honey.

my creation

I went for the red velvet cake batter (that’s right!!) with mochi, twix (uh huh!), and toffee bits. Heaven! I’ll definitely be back.



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Pinkberry 2 in New Orleans

Pinkberry 2
300 Canal St.
New Orleans, LA

I love any Pinkberry site but this one is a bit difficult to get to if you’re coming by car.


I love the clean feeling of enjoying frozen yogurt with fresh fruits. The people behind the counter could’ve been friendlier but whatever, I was fine with their abruptness cuz I’m a Pinkberry expert.


There is a lot of toppings to choose from, cookies and chocolates to fruits.


fruit toppings

This is my masterpiece: Pomegranate yogurt with mochi, strawberries, blueberries and pineapple!

my favorite combination in the world

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Red Mango in New Orleans

Red Mango
1640 Hickory Ave.
Harahan, LA

When I moved down here from the north, I thought I had to say goodbye to frozen yogurt, and then Pinkberry came along which was a nice last resort and now Red Mango must have heard my pleas!

I love red mango! my bf is a huge pinkberry fan but i’m more a huge fan of red mango. I’m super excited that a lot of frozen yogurt chains have been investing in New Orleans. Pinkberry frozen yogurt has a lot of tart in it.
This Red Mango site is self-serve which is awesome! (don’t go overboard, they do charge you by the lb). Red Mango offers many flavors (whereas Pinkberry has 3-4). And tons of toppings (fresh fruits and candies alike), don’t forget to ask for banana (you can request it and they cut it up right there, otherwise it goes brown). The people working here are enthusiastic but not too knowledgeable.

I think the best way is to grab one of the smaller cups and try some frozen yogurt flavors before deciding on one and then go down the row, picking your favorite toppings. Try to cut the line (sorry gramps but you were taking too long) and go to the back of the store, pick up a cup size of your choosing, and enjoy!

the store

lots of flavors to choose from


candy toppings

more toppings


my masterpiece: bananas + mochi + strawberry + blueberries + pineapple on pomengranate frozen yogurt

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Dessert in San Mateo

Sweet Breams
220 2nd Ave.
San Mateo, CA

Tutti Melon
165 E. 4th Ave.
San Mateo, CA

Sweet Breams main focus is the fish pancake. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, there is a Korean (possibly Japanese that Koreans stole) pancake with delicious filling in the shape of a fish. Now I’ve had these before at Korean supermarkets, where you get an enormous fish with red bean paste filling (sounds gross but the flaky pancake batter is delicious). So  I was surprised to see that you get 6 for $3 because at Korean markets, one fish pancake is the size of my entire hand. Well, these fish pancakes were a LOT smaller. We went with the red bean paste filling for 3, and nutella filling for 3. They were delicious but I wish someone had warned us that these were bite size. Oh and minus points for the signs everywhere that said no photography allowed (I had to step outside and take pictures).

*shaking fist in the air* grrrr making me come outside to take my pictures

this is tiny! but so delicious

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I figured since I was in Cali, I should check out the frozen yogurt scene. Since i’ve been to Pinkberry and Red Mango a billion times, I thought I’d try something more local. Turns out Tutti Melon is only in the Bay Area so I thought this would be the perfect candidate. Not as much tart as Pinkberry’s yogurts. Although the self-serve toppings was nice! And free (which meant that the price of a regular yogurt cup was a bit more expensive than at Pinkberry or Red Mango). The mochi was nasty here though, I was really disappointed. But besides that, there were plenty of sweet toppings and plenty of fruit toppings to go around.

Tutti Melon

since I ran out of cup space, I tried to stick my toppings to the side of my yogurt tower (worked very well!). can you see the leaning tower of mango on the other side?


5601 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115

I’ve been to pinkberry in LA and NY, so I was very excited when it came to New Orleans! It’s a great snack/meal replacement.

fresh fruits and frozen yogurt! mmmmmmmmm!

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