Stanley's in New Orleans, LA

547 Saint Ann St.
New Orleans, LA


This restaurant is located in the heart of the French Quarter (Jackson square). I came at breakfast time to avoid the sweltering heat and enormous crowds that tend to congregate in this area to watch street performers and artists selling their work on the sidewalk. I liked the clean and modern decor of the place. The service was very friendly. Giving us adequate time to browse the menu and bringing out our food promptly. And this place has awesome hours! 7 am to 10 PM daily!

Breaux Bridge Benedict

My dining companion and I were torn between two dishes and the waiter offered to bring out half orders of each so that we could try both. Awesome! We started with the Breaux Bridge benedict which supposedly is the most popular dish on the menu. I was a little iffy about this but was intrigued when the waiter said it was by far the favorite of locals.

couldn't wait to cut into this!

Felt like Gordon Ramsay on MasterChef cutting into the egg. Looked so yummy as the yolk ran down the boudin, cheese and creole hollandaise. This truly was a creole hollandaise, it was kicking and fighting all the way down the GI  tube. I like my food with a spicy kick! The egg was perfectly cooked, not too runny or too solid. The boudin was interesting in composition but you couldn’t really taste it with all the other flavors going on in this dish. Definitely a huge fan of this dish!

Banana Foster French Toast

So when I read the menu online last night, this dish was actually my first choice. Probably cuz of my sweet tooth. I’m kinda glad I ate this second, cuz it was more of a bread pudding dessert than a french toast breakfast entree. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious. I especially loved the Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream with sliced bananas, and toasted walnut in Foster sauce. the french bread had become a little soggy for my preferences for french toast, but again, overall the dish was yummy!
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Sabrina's in Philadelphia

1802 Callowhill Street

the front

I consider myself a Sabrina’s regular and so I knew it was of the utmost importance to get here early cuz 1) the food takes mad long to come out and 2) the place gets super crowded. Sabrina’s opened at 8 AM and we got there at 8:30 (yes, I admit I cut off a family with a baby stroller walking towards Sabrina’s by doing my Boston walk). . By 9 AM, the place was packed and people were standing around the tables waiting for one to open up.


Joe had the $10.99 rancheros: 2 blue corn tortillas topped w our smoky chorizo topped w our smoky chorizo. I’ve never had guacamole and fried eggs which sounds like a gross combination but it was delicious! Another really good combination was the chili and hash browns which led to the perfect amount of saltiness and flavor.


I knew ahead of time how massive the Stuffed challah French toast  w farmers cream cheese and bananas and vanilla bean syrup would be, so I ordered for $5.50 for half portion but an extra $1 for 2 strawberries sliced seems like a scam. The strawberries were instrumental in keeping the sweet factor in check. The vanilla bean syrup was wonderful but I was very conscious of it’s thick viscosity and potential to ruin the front of my shirt.

challah french toast

It was impossible trying to get a waitresss attention first for our check and then for a working pen cuz the one she brought w our check didn’t work. I understand that this place was packed and so service won’t be that attentive but come on!

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Elizabeth's Restaurant in New Orleans

Elizabeth’s restaurant
601 Gallier Street
New Orleans, LA 70117-6217

Had an amazing breakfast here today. Unfortunately, there was a huge lack in cleanliness of the restaurant. Every table had flies hanging around them (really gross when the flies would land near our foods), and some of our silverware had crusted food leftover from previous users. However, the food was delicious. We had the praline bacon which was an juicy mix of sweet brown sugared ground pecans and salty thick bacon slices (definitely makes you schedule your next gym visit earlier). We also tried the boudin balls with really spicy mustard sauce, they were OK. My fellow foodie ordered the crabby eggs which were eggs benedict on crabcakes instead of english muffins with a side of hash browns. I had the stuffed french toast with strawberry cream cheese with a side of cheesy grits. The portions were huge and I had leftovers to take home. I usually can’t eat too much eggs benedict in one sitting because I find the hollandaise sauce to be overkill. The crabcakes were decent. My french toast was amazing! It was toasted french bread with strawberry cream cheese between two slices with powdered sugar on top. Heavenly!!!!!!!

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