Yo Mama’s in New Orleans

Yo Mama’s
727 St. Peter
New Orleans, LA

the front

This bar has a prime location in the middle of the Quarter. Is it weird that so many bars were open on a Sunday morning? We got to lunch a bit early (like 11 AM) but I wanted to make sure we got seats. When we arrived, we were offered seats upstairs or downstairs, and when we went upstairs we couldn’t tell that it was daytime so we came back downstairs.

peanut butter and bacon burger

this burger has a ton of hype around town so I tried it. I will say that it is very creative to combine peanut butter and bacon. I just don’t know if it works with the texture of ground meat….But it was delicious.

loaded baked potato

I ordered the loaded baked potato which was pretty usual for a baked potato.

texas BBQ burger

Joe had the texas BBQ burger which did come out with a bunch of avocado on top. He had ordered his burger medium and it came out well done an super dry (even with the salsa on it).  He was not a fan of this burger….

mac and cheese

His came with mac and cheese on the side which was very bland and overcooked. I guess this place is alright for bar but not really for the food (*sorry to everyone who loves these burgers, I was just not wow-ed by them).

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Broussard's in New Orleans, LA

819 Rue Conti Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

When I came here, I thought the courtyard was beautiful. Unfortunately there was an event taking place so I couldn’t eat outside.


I had a groupon for here, so I was looking forward to dining here. The ambiance was classy and upscale. There were plenty of waiters but service seemed awfully slow considering how many waiters there were.


My friend had ordered the salmon. With her first bite, she looked like she was going to gag. I leaned over and took a bite and immediately knew why, there was an awful taste. I think the fish had gone bad. This can happen to any chef but I would’ve appreciated a chef who could’ve picked up on this.

salmon jean lafitte

I had the redfish with lump crabmeat and shrimp on top. This came highly recommended by the waiter. It was so delicious that my dining companion ordered it as her replacement dish for the first one. It was very accommodating of the restaurant to send out another dish free of charge. However the experience was ruined when we were trying to head out, we had to ask 3 different waiters to bring us our check and still it took a super long time for someone to finally bring it out.

Redfish Broussard's

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Cafe Rose Nicaud in New Orleans, LA

Cafe Rose Nicaud
632 Frenchmen Street
New Orleans, LA 70116

Their story, “In the early 1800’s Rose Nicaud became the first known coffee vendor in New Orleans. Rose, a slave, saw the opportunity to provide a service to French Market vendors, workers and shoppers by providing them with fresh, hot coffee. Rose created a portable cart which she pushed through the market on Sundays, selling “cafe noir ou cafe au lait”.


With all of these choices, it was a tough choice to make.

This was definitely a family place. I loved the cozy ambiance.

breakfast burrito

My friend had the breakfast burrito. I got to steal a bite and can definitely assure you that they use only the freshest ingredients for this.

strawberry waffle

I decided to splurge and went for the strawberry waffles with maple syrup. This was an amazing dish and super affordable. Sweet!

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Southern Candy Makers in New Orleans

Southern Candy Makers
334 Decatur Street
New Orleans

This famous candy store is located in the heart of the French Quarter. Walk inside and sample pralines!
you can go up and down the counter, selecting treats for your box and then they plastic wrap the box for you to keep it fresh! they have a back wall with shelves of New Orleans gifts making this the perfect place to send gifts for people that have never been to New Orleans. The pralines are good too.

pecan praline

chocolate praline

turtle praline

The pralines are sugar-y goodness! The service here was kinda snooty which was surprising for a candy store.  Since I wasn’t offered any samples, I chose 4 different pralines that I thought sounded good. They were alright but I thought over-rated for the best pralines in New Orleans.

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Three Muses in New Orleans

Three Muses
536 Frenchmen St.
New Orleans, LA


This place has had quite a hype. Being on a fun street like Frenchmen St, you have to curtail to a certain hipster clientele. The happy hour is super long and there are bands constantly rotating throughout the night which does present a problem for dinner conversations but is entertaining nonetheless.

$3 margaritas!

My friends and I came here during happy hour and we were glad to take advantage of it. We started it off with $3 margaritas.  The margaritas were refreshing on a hot summer day. I wish mine had more alcohol but that’s just personal preference.

deviled egg with vodka cured salmon

The deviled egg didn’t have an overwhelming yolk flavor which was a relief.  The vodka cured salmon was creative and I definitely could appreciate the taste of vodka.

pretezel wrapped bratwurst

This pretzel wrapped bratwurst came out on sauerkraut (fermented cabbage, the non-kimchi variety).  These little play on pigs wrapped in a blanket were tasty and juicy at the same time.

feta fries

Feta fries were a dish of crispy fries with feta and gremolata.  Gremolata is a combination of lemon zest, garlic and parsley. These were delicious.

braised rabbit pappardelle

I was a bit hesitant to eat rabbit but the taste wasn’t foreign, it was more the texture that surprised me. These wide sage noodles came out in a white wine mustard sauce. I’m gonna have to say that out of everything we ordered, this dish was probably my least favorite of the night. It just didn’t have the same wow factors as the other dishes.

lamb sliders

These were my favorite. The lamb sliders had tomato chutney and herbed goat cheese. The lamb meat was tender and succulent. I wish there were more of these!

chipotle pork tostones

this was also off the happy hour menu (seriously people, 4 PM to 7:30 PM! you need to hit that!). the meat was good but the chipotle flavor really came threw.

steak and crab

This dish was hard to share with other people as only one thing of grilled Harris Ranch Hanger steak on top of a crabcake came out. Hanger steak is not known for being a tender cut but word on the street is that it is quite flavorful. And by word on the street, I mean here on this blog. This was delicious and probably my #2 favorite of the night. The crabcake was money!

fish taco

The seared drum came out topped with tangy slaw and avocado cream. These were delightful. We were told that this was a favorite among customers and it was easy to see why.

mushroom canelloni

This dish was yummy. Although the marsala mushroom sauce was pretty hard to soak in with the mushroom wrapped canelloni.

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K Paul Louisiana Kitchen in New Orleans

K Paul Louisiana Kitchen
416 Chartres Street
New Orleans, LA

Darn it! Another tourist trap! So this restaurant is pretty much in the heart of new Orleans. Thankfully I walked but it is so hot out! This place has been on my lost for a while and fortunately I was able to come today.

So there is no sign to indicate that you should go to the bar and place your order…. Once you’ve done that, you take a seat and wait for a server w your order to shout your name.
Not too many tables for small groups! Lots of big tables though.

I was having trouble deciding so the guy at the counter said the beef short ribs was the best. So I had the braised beef short ribs which are seasoned, seared and smothered with bacon, onion, bell peppers, celery, garlic, carrots, fresh corn off the fob and beef stock. It comes with fries w garlic olive oil and a side which I chose cheesy grits. Oh my gosh! The meat was all fat! How disappointing for such a reputable establishment. Loosen the purse strings and buy a better cut of meat!

If it werent for the cheesy grits and few french fries, i wouldve left hungry. Even the cornbread was dry!

A new Orleans local had suggested this place to me but I won’t be coming back any time soon (I know restaurants don’t bring their A game to lunch but this low standard was ridiculous!) I hate it when servers only suggest the most expensive item on the menu and not what is actually good.

My other negative thing was that for a can of soda it was $2 but I guess I should take into consideration that I am in the quarter.
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Stanley's in New Orleans, LA

547 Saint Ann St.
New Orleans, LA


This restaurant is located in the heart of the French Quarter (Jackson square). I came at breakfast time to avoid the sweltering heat and enormous crowds that tend to congregate in this area to watch street performers and artists selling their work on the sidewalk. I liked the clean and modern decor of the place. The service was very friendly. Giving us adequate time to browse the menu and bringing out our food promptly. And this place has awesome hours! 7 am to 10 PM daily!

Breaux Bridge Benedict

My dining companion and I were torn between two dishes and the waiter offered to bring out half orders of each so that we could try both. Awesome! We started with the Breaux Bridge benedict which supposedly is the most popular dish on the menu. I was a little iffy about this but was intrigued when the waiter said it was by far the favorite of locals.

couldn't wait to cut into this!

Felt like Gordon Ramsay on MasterChef cutting into the egg. Looked so yummy as the yolk ran down the boudin, cheese and creole hollandaise. This truly was a creole hollandaise, it was kicking and fighting all the way down the GI  tube. I like my food with a spicy kick! The egg was perfectly cooked, not too runny or too solid. The boudin was interesting in composition but you couldn’t really taste it with all the other flavors going on in this dish. Definitely a huge fan of this dish!

Banana Foster French Toast

So when I read the menu online last night, this dish was actually my first choice. Probably cuz of my sweet tooth. I’m kinda glad I ate this second, cuz it was more of a bread pudding dessert than a french toast breakfast entree. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious. I especially loved the Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream with sliced bananas, and toasted walnut in Foster sauce. the french bread had become a little soggy for my preferences for french toast, but again, overall the dish was yummy!
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Stella in New Orleans

1032 Chartres Street
New Orleans, LA 70116-3202


I definitely recommend making a dinner reservation if you plan on coming. I called a few weeks in advance and didn’t get my first few choices of dinner night & time. And then when I finally did find a date and time that worked for my schedule, they asked for a credit card number and said that there is a $25 cancellation fee if the reservation is cancelled within 24 hours of the reservation. wow!


I was very pleased with the service we received when we walked in the door. The hostess looked over my outfit and picked up a black cloth napkin and dropped the white one she was originally holding. Nice!  They even fold a new napkin and take away the used one if you get up to use the bathroom (my eating partner got up and left me at the table and so I watched this process unfold). The only bummer was when I asked for one more minute to look over the enormous a la carte menu (tasting menu was $150 per person!) and my waittress disappeared!! we even put down our menus and sat back in our chairs, with folded arms on our chest to show that we were ready to order and it seemed to take her a good while to come back to us.

amuse bouche

the amuse bouche was an asparagus panna cotta with Indian crispy flat bread. Joe and I were not huge fans. What really surprised me was how cold it was! Almost frozen! My tongue wasn’t ready for that shock.


Joe ordered the lobster, egg and caviar appetizer which was local North Shore Farm egg with caviar with Canadian lobster and North Star Paddlefish caviar. The caviar had a very seafood-y taste, but once Joe mixed everything around inside the egg shell, it tasted wonderful! especially since the lobster was heated, it gave it a nice taste and temperature!


I had the asparagus and Canadian lobster with tomato confit, black olive tapenade, dijon vinaigrette, burgundy reduction, and 2 slices of Italian summer truffles. I was wondering about the Italian summer truffles because there was one appetizer that was just Italian summer truffles but it was $50! My salad was ok, nothing spectacular. Any time I tried to incorporate the black olive tapenade, it just overwhelmed the entire fork-ful and so I ended up avoiding that and enjoying the rest of the salad without it.


I was very surprised to see such a Pan-Asian menu. I’m always weary of when non-Asian chefs present Asian food because I have such a high standard for Asian food. Out of everything on the menu, this dish sounded the most impressive: Tandoori roasted Tasmanian King Salmon and Coconut Shrimp Basmati Fried rice with crisp vegetable rolls, Indian flatbread and Spicy mango cashew butter. Doesn’t that sound amazing? I guess I should’ve been skeptical when the waittress asked me if medium-rare was ok for my salmon. My jaw dropped. Really? medium rare salmon? I guess since I eat salmon sushi I should’ve been fine with this but for some reason I was really hesitant. With my first bite, I knew why. It was unbelievably mushy! No body or texture. Just mush. How unfortunate. The fried rice didn’t have much coconut flavor or shrimp in it. The crisp vegetable rolls tasted like something I could get at a Chinese restaurant down the street in the Quarter (came out with that pink-orange duck sauce!).

sea bass

Joe ordered the miso and sake glazed japanese Mero sea bass with udon, green tea, soba noodles, buna shimeji mushroom, canadian lobster, blue crab and shrimp broth. the sea bass was one of the best I’ve had, light and flaky. but the broth was flavorless. I think there was too much going on that no one taste shined through and so you just had a bland broth. Given that this was a soba noodle sort of sauce which usually doesn’t have much flavor, but still. I guess I just expected more from Stella’s chef.


since i was disappointed with my appetizer and my main entree, I didn’t want to risk getting a dessert and so we just asked for our check and it came out with this dish of complimentary desserts. I’ll say the watermelon marshmallow was the most creative (but bland) and my favorite is the 2nd to left, peanut butter chocolate truffle.

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Mr. Apple in New Orleans

Mr. Apple
201 North Peters Street
New Orleans, LA

Located in the heart of the French Quarter. If you happen to be walking around, looking to satiate your sweet tooth, check out this place with the yummy candy apple in the windows.

The chefs think up of these fantastic ideas and get to turn them into reality in the kitchen and then we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor for under $10.

This place doesn’t just sell candy apples, they also sell chocolates, ice cream and baked goods.

I got to sample a praline pecan, it just melted on the tongue.

This candy apple is their best seller. I could tell why after my first bite. Not too sweet at all like most candy apples. The grahm cracker crumbles gave it a different texture than most candied apples but there was still some gooey caramel goodness underneath.

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