Teriyaki House in Orlando, FL

Teriyaki house
5600 W Colonial Dr
Ste 108
Orlando, FL 32808

the front

We actually extended our stay in Orlando just to eat at this place for lunch. When we came a little before lunch, every table (all 8) were taken because 3 huge chinese families were eating together. Unfortunately, we had walked in right after them and they had ordered a ton of dishes.  If we had known that when we placed our order, we would have to wait over an hour, we probably would’ve just hit the road.

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Everything is in Chinese and the owners barely speak English. I thought since my significant other speaks Chinese, that we’d be all set. But noooooo. We got there and he had no idea what to order. There was this one dish that I wanted but Joe didn’t know the name of it and a woman that had ordered before us looked at my picture of the food I wanted and she ordered for us.

stinky tofu

Joe said that this is a Taiwanese staple and it was delicious! The tofu def did not smell good but it was great for all the other senses. It was crispy, it was sweet, and it was delicious.

salt and pepper chicken

this was my favorite by far, the salt and pepper chicken came with its own dry dip (Joe said it’s a mixture of salt and black pepper). It was super crunchy (almost broke a tooth!) and the chicken flavor was enhanced by the dry dip.

mapo tofu

This was our attempt to eat healthy: mapo tofu. Even this dish is one of the well known chinese dishes, this was probably my least favorite.  The flavors just didn’t mesh well at all. And the soggy composition was just unpleasant after having so many other crispy and crunchy items.

twice cooked pork

Joe insisted on this dish. We both agreed it was pretty good and it came with a “Thousand year old egg” and Chinese sausage. The sausage was sooooooooooo good. I thought Joe wasn’t eating it so I reached over and ate half of it in one bite and he said “I was saving that!” Whoops. Anywho, awesome food for a great price, but you need to be able to read the menu cuz it’s in Chinese.

menu in chinese

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Saffron Indian Cuisine in Orlando, FL

Saffron Indian Cuisine
7724 West Sand Lake Rd.
Orlando, FL


I already loved this place before we walked in because they were the only restaurant open on Thanksgiving day outside of Disney World. Joe wasn’t too thrilled with the aspect of eating inside an Indian restaurant so we ordered our lunch combos to go. But when we arrived to pick up our food, Joe didn’t want to bring it back to our hotel room because the Indian food smell would linger there. So we ended up eating at the only outdoor table we could find in this shopping plaza in front of a Panera which was closed. I apologize to the countless number of drivers who thought Panera was open cuz we were sitting out front, parked in front of Panera and then walked up to the door only to find it closed.

basmati rice!

There were options for super spicy so I got a super spicy chicken tikka masala. It was creamy and delicious! When Joe took a bite, he choked on how spicy it was. He then drank all of our water….But he did agree that this was really yummy. The rice was fluffy and hot.

Chicken tikka masala

My chicken tikka masala was so good that I poured my rice into the plastic bowl to insure that I could soak up every last bit of the sauce. Joe’s lamb vindaloo was a bit tougher to chew and it was a different type of spicy, more like a smokey hot spicy.

Lamb vindaloo

Gajar Halva or Haajar Halwa

This is a sweet carrot pudding desert. It’s made with little shredded pieces of carrot, sweet milk, cream, sugar with little slivers of almonds. It was soooooooo creamy and  delicious.

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Il Mulino NY in Orlando, FL

Il Mulino NY
Walt Disney World Swan Resort
1200 Epcot Resorts Blvd.
Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830

The Swan and Dolphin hotel at Disney World

We were stayin at the Swan and Dolphin hotel at Disney World Resorts and after spending so long in the car, we wanted to eat nearby as in the lobby of our hotel ( I know, we’re so lazy).  When I called to make a dinner reservation, I was told there was nothing available at all that night. So we made a reservation at another restaurant and when we came down at our other reservation time, we walked by this place and saw empty tables! What the heck! I figured since this was our first choice, we would go here and cancel our other reservation.

complimentary eggplant and salami

Our complimentary eggplant dish was ruined by the extremely loud family at the table next to us. Their kids were so young! Why would you bring such young kids to a fine dining restaurant? This was literally the only family in the place with kids and they were super obnoxious and rude!

complimentary bread

I loved this focaccia bread, but when we asked for a refill, we had to ask 3 different waiters who all ignored us until a busboy went to the back for us and then came out and told us that they had run out of bread. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a pattern and not a one time thing (the crappy service).

carpaccio di carne

The carpaccio is a thinly sliced Tuscan-styled beef served with arugula, extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice and the house carpaccio sauce. Appearance wise, the carpaccio didn’t offer much. The carpaccio itself didn’t have much flavor except for the pieces with the house sauce.

rigatoni con funghi

Rigatoni with wild mushrooms, spicy cherry peppers, garlic and truffle oil. The only flavor from this dish was from the mushrooms and truffle oil. When the waiter brought it out, it looked like the plate was just pasta (where’s all the other ingredients?!) This cannot be a genuine Italian restaurant (store bought pasta from a box! gasp! the italian gods of pasta are weeping)

spaghetti carbonara

spaghetti with pancetta, cheese and egg. So not only was my spaghetti pasta way overcooked, this dish had zero flavor at all. What, did the cook have a cold or something? What was going on with our meal? When I read reviews online, people were going back and forth between the food was too salty or the food was too bland. Unfortunately for us, it was way too bland.  I had to ask the waiter for some parmesan cheese, and it still couldn’t remedy this dish.

complimentary limoncello

This was probably the best thing of the meal, the free sample of limoncello. It was delightfully sweet and so refreshing after a stressful evening.

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