Clancys in New Orleans

6100 Annunciation Street
New Orleans, LA 70118-5709

the front

we made a reservation here for lunch because the reviews said to online but when we arrived here the restaurant was practically empty except for a very senior citizens.

hand written menus

Joe had the crawfish bisque, he said there wasn’t much crawfish in it and the bisque was watery.

crawfish bisque

This appetizer was amazing! The fried oysters with brie were perfect. It was piping hot of course but that just made the brie melt faster before I bit into it.

fried oyster appetizer

Joe had the crawfish etouffee and was surprised it wasn’t the typical creamy sauce that etouffee is usually presented in. He actually said that it seemed that they had poured some of the crawfish bisque over rice and called it crawfish etouffee. I hope for Clancy’s sake that they didn’t do that.

crawfish ettouffee

I wasn’t terribly impressed with the crispy soft shell crab. The flavor of the crab was lost among all the spices. The crispiness was a nice texture though.  I had read online that it was one of the best ones in town and so I had high hopes but this dish sort of fell short of my expectations. Also, the mashed potatoes came out really cold!

crispy soft shell crab

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Big Fisherman Seafood in New Orleans

Big Fisherman Seafood
3301 Magazine St.
New Orleans

big fisherman

I came here because word of mouth said that this is the best place for boiled seafood. The selection is quite sparse. and even tho they had been open for an hour before I got there, they only had a few things out and a lot of things not ready to be sold. a little disappointing. although the service was very pleasant and explained to me that everything was cooked fresh every morning and so that was why the majority of their selection was not ready to be sold when we had walked in.


but the price is affordable. the crawfish was quite good actually. we got about 2 lbs and it was plenty. we also got a side of corn and sausage which were pretty good too. all in all, i would say this is a very convenient establishment for when you have guests in town or just throwing a party in general and want to bring some food to eat outdoors (emphasis on OUDOORS).

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Patois in New Orleans, LA

6078 Laurel Street
New Orleans, LA 70118-5726


Patois is well known among the locals and so I was determined to come here for dinner. Given my hectic eating out schedule, I could only squeeze in a lunch and so please keep in mind that this review is for their lunch menu and that their dinner menu is completely different.


I’ve eaten at over 12 restaurants this week and my dining companion and I agreed that this bread was the best out of all the restaurants we had been to. It had a biscuit composition but more of a sourdough flavor. Very nice!


A friend from the kitchen mentioned that the gnocchi is one of the best things on the menu. So when I saw it on the lunch menu, I pounced at the chance. It was quite good; dissolving in my mouth! The gnocchi had Louisiana crawfish, local edamame, and mascarpone cheese. I like that the kitchen strives to use local ingredients and support the local economy/community.


Joe had the crispy pork chop. I forgot that sometimes non-asian people call “donkatsu,” “crispy pork chop.” so this dish probably wasn’t the best choice for us.  Joe commented that the pork chop was too thick (asian preparation: pork gets tenderized with a meat pounder). I tried some and thought that batter was pretty good (asian preparation: panko bread crumbs).

crispy pork chop

my friend from the kitchen also mentioned the Patois burger so I started off with the house ground chuck, gruyere cheese, fried vidalia onion and Patois sauce. The Patois sauce was heavenly (not sure if I was picking up on hints of caramelized onion or if it was just from the fried onion rings). the burger was tender and the sauce made it amazing! I liked the bread a lot as well (unlike other places where they use store bought bread that subtracts from the quality of the entire burger. bread matters, people!)

Patois Burger


This dessert sounded like it had the most chocolate and so I went with it. It was essentially a Snickers bar deconstructed with brown sugar cake, caramel chocolate mousse, chocolate sorbet, salted caramel , chocolate sauce and peanuts. I did think this dessert reminded me of a snickers bar, but way better! I especially liked that the chocolate sorbet was frozen, adding another dimension to the dessert.


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Cafe Rani in New Orleans

Cafe Rani
2917 Magazine St # 103
New Orleans, LA 70115-2264

We arrived for Saturday lunch and saw sadly that all the outdoor tables were taken. Since we were in a bit of a rush we decided to eat inside. The waittress was very friendly and able to answer all of our questions.

From the most popular appetizers, we decided to start with the shrimp and crawfish bruschetta which is served in lobster butter with artichokes and tomatoes over a Rosemary ciabatta crouton. The shrimp was crisp to the bite but when everything was compiled on the delicious bread it was lacking in flavor. Trying to scrub the plate w the bread didn’t really help. The crawfish had a really fishy flavor but I guess it’s its natural flavor.


My friend ordered the Mediterranean sandwich which has roasted red peppers, cucumber, spinach, tomato, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, red onion, provolone and Swiss cheese. This place definitely caters to the vegetarian clientele! The filling was good but the bread was not tasty. The alfalfa sprout was lacking too. The cheeses on the sandwich were good though. The side salad was made w old lettuce!

Mediterranean sandwich

I ordered the blues burger since I was craving some red meat. This comes w blue cheese and blue cheese dressing. I decided to indulge and add bacon and get a side of potato chips. we only live once right? This place isn’t known for their hamburgers so I wasn’t expecting much. The bread was so big and dry and the mystery of all the side condiments that came out w my burger was instantly explained. The spicy mustard was great for dipping chips in but the blue cheese dressing was absolutely necessary for the burger.

blue cheese burger

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La Crepe Nanou

La Crepe Nanou
1410 Robert St.
New Orleans, LA 70115

We went when they opened for dinner, so we were seated right away. The food here was amazing! The price was decent too for the food.

Les Moules Marinières (fresh bowl of mussels) for $10

French fries

I had Crêpe aux Ecrevisse, for $13 (crawfish in lobster sauce on a crepe).

French Onion Soup

Dessert crepe

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