Steve's Prince of Steaks in Philadelphia

Steve’s Prince of Steaks
7200 Bustleton Avenue
Philadelphia, PA

order at the 1st window

The atmosphere sort of entails Philadelphia for me: don’t judge a book by it’s cover. From the outside it looks like a old school diner and even the furnishing inside isn’t that great but what caught my eye right away was the buffet of toppings (this one black pepper was calling my name. Like moth to a flame…)


I had the cheese steak with whiz, onions and mushrooms for $9. I watched the cook prepare my sandwich and I loved that each slice of thinly cut rib eye is grilled individually versus the mass cooking of chopped up steak at Jim’s by the guy who look like he can kill you w one punch.  There isn’t as much meat as John roast pork ( but then again, does anywhere?) but the amount was decent and DELICIOUS and I liked that they gave a ton more mushrooms than other places.

cheesesteak with whiz

Joe has the cheesesteak with provolone, onions and mushrooms. This is a good option for those of you who don’t like cheese (what the heck is wrong with you people?) cuz the provolone was quite mild. He also noticed that there was a surprisingly good amount of mushrooms. He liked his sandwich so much he was debating getting a 2nd one while we were there.

cheesesteak w provolone

The crispy cheesy fries filled him up though. I liked that the fries were much thicker than ishkabibble’s but not too thick that they became bland or soggy even w the cheese whiz on top.

cheesy fries

This place rightly deserves 2007 best of Philly award and Food Network said this is THE place that locals go to. Why did it take me so many years to find you? Where have you been all my life?

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Andover Deli and Pizzeria

Andover Deli and Pizzeria
22 Andover St.
Andover, MA

the best thing about this place is that even though it’s super busy, you can easily get your food in a number of ways. 1: you can call ahead and have it to go when you get there. or 2: you can call ahead and have it ready to sit down and eat when you arrive.  I was really surprised to see people walk in and have their food ready for them, and grab a booth and start eating. This family owned business is all about freshness which probably explains the business.

I love the steak subs (no philly cheesesteak); it is a much healthier version. I really like my cheesesteaks where the meat is chopped up, it’s easier to chew.

cheesesteak with mushroom and grilled onions

one of my favorite sandwiches of all times is the chicken salad sandwich on toasted bread with american cheese. in Boston, this seems to be the only place that can get my order as close as possible to my expectations.

toasted chicken salad sub w american cheese

places just don’t make delicious steak fries like this anymore. super crispy.

french fries

my brother insisted on grabbing some cookies before we left. fresh from the oven! the m&n cookie was DELICIOUS!

m & n cookie and chocolate chip cookie

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John’s Roast Pork- the beefiest cheesesteak in Philly

John’s Roast Pork
14 E Snyder Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19148

Wow, this place gets packed at meal times so plan accordingly (we are talking lines out the door and down the st.) So the nice thing about this place is that you can call ahead and place your order to be ready by the time you get there. Or you can try to come in about 30 minutes before meal times when the line is pretty short. Each sandwich here is made with loveeeeeeeee which is why they taste so good. The bread breaks apart easily (no tug of war with your teeth), and the meat quality is fantastic for the price you pay ($7? $8). I got the sharp provolone on my cheesesteak which complimented the jalapenos and grilled onions very well, but they also have the traditional whiz cheese as well. This sandwich was amazing and when you see the pictures you will see why it was voted in my book as the most meat you will get in a sandwich (no slabs of meat like at Pats or Genos).  There isn’t much space to sit at this joint, I counted 5 tables outside. The restaurant itself isn’t that large but its got regular clientele and rave reviews online so they need not worry about a shortage of customers.

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The best cheesesteak and cheesy fries

Cheesesteak from Jim’s Steak
400 South St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Cheesy Fries from Ishkabibble’s Eatery
337 South St.
Philadelphia, PA19147

the best cheesesteak ever with whiz and onions. Pat’s and Geno’s tends to serve slabs of meat, whereas Jim’s dices up the meat really nice and fine.

the cheesy fries

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