Boon Eat and Drink in Guerneville, Ca

16248 main street
guerneville, ca 95446

boon eat and drink

We checked out Boon with all its rave reviews. When we got there, there were a few empty tables but in the time it took us to order dinner the rest of the place filled up and a long line formed outside. This place is very casual and minimal I would say, no artificial lighting or decorations on the wall (although the wall itself did have cool a paint job). It looked more like a rustic beach house with the wooden walls and no windows except for the entrance.

radicchio salad

we started with the raddiochio salad with hazelnuts, goat cheese and champagne vinagrette. The hazelnuts and goat cheese were sweet and the champagne vinagrette was sour. The combination worked for me but not for Joe.

mac and cheese

this mac and cheese was just kinda sad. it was watery and flavorless. sigh, so sad. I had such high hopes for this dish.


Grass fed burger with aged white cheddar, wild arugula on a toasted milk bun. the burger was tender and juicy. the bread kinda overpowered the burger.

truffle fries

the truffle fries came with ketchup and house made aioli that was amazing. the truffle fries were crispy and delicious with the aioli. the aioli was so good that we asked for another small bowl.


so my first bite, all I could taste was the sea salt. Joe agreed with me that this dish was way too salty. Once we brushed off all the sea salt, it was more bearable. I’m a huge fan of any dessert with chocolate but this was kind of a disappointment. The cream on the side was great but pretty much any time we tried the brownie, it was way too salty.

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Cafe Degas in New Orleans

Cafe Degas
3127 Esplanade Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70119

This restaurant is on the smaller side but it was fine. It wasn’t like our neighbors elbows were in our food small. It was a cozy small. The parking was convenient on the st. and lots of it. My fellow foodie and I got there at 6 PM and it was quite empty but got full super fast. We started off with the cheese board. They brought out 4 cheeses with figs, blueberries, strawberries, grapes and garlic crisps. The server also brought out a basket of bread which went really well with the cheeses. My fellow foodie is a vegetarian and because there were 4 salad choices, we asked the server if he could ask the chef to make up a special vegetarian plate for her. I figured since he was heading to the kitchen anyways, I asked him to ask the chef to combine the soft shell crab with truffle parmesan risotto (two items on the menu I saw that were not part of the same entrees). The waiter came back and said usually the chef does not allow substitutions, but he said yes! i was soooooooooo excited! The cheeses were alright, nothing spectacular but nothing gross either. I am no cheese expert, but I do know that there are some better choices out there. The soft shell crab was great, flash-fried and tender. The parmesan cheese truffle risotto was good too, it had a very strong flavor to it. I thought it would be a peaceful blend but I think the two flavors clashed. We ended the night with a yummy, cold creme brulee, I thought a warm or hot one would’ve been nice. But cold was fine.


cheese board

delicious cheese board

special vegetarian plate

flash-fried soft shell crab

soft-shell crab w truffle parmesan cheese risotto

creme brulee

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Garces Trading Company

Garces Trading Company
1111 Locust St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

My fellow foodie and I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of this restaurant. The location is in a nice part of Philly, and although from the outside it seems small, the restaurant is actually very deep (width wise). It was amazing! There is a cheese section, a counter of oils you can sample,  a bakery section (with fresh bread and pastries), a coffee bar, and then a wine cellar (and the wine-y working there really knows her stuff, so if you tell her red or white, and how much you’re willing to spend, she can point you in the right direction! I got 2 reds for $22!)! And in the middle of all of this were dining tables and chairs. My friend and I made the rounds, sampling everything!

The cheeses

the oils sampling bar

fresh pastries

fresh desserts

the wine cellar

crab pasta was AMAZING

my chocolate croissant and tall coffee were heavenly!

the orange rum cake might have been only for opening day (they said it was experimental) still it was DELICIOUS!

His desserts are not only delicious, but beautiful to look at!

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