Tacos Lupita in Haverhill, MA

Tacos Lupita
194 River St
Haverhill, MA 01832

the front

I’m not too familiar with Haverhill but when I read about this place, I really wanted to check it out. Luckily for me, this restaurant is on the major street right off of HWY 495 which makes driving here really convenient. But I did drive right by it when I was looking it. The red sign blends in well with the brick. Street parking is a bit tough to find but there are a few 15 min spots right in front.

lots of choices

For vegetarians though, seek elsewehere. My mom usually goes for vegetarian burritos but the only option here was rice, beans, tomatoes and lettuce which is pretty disappointing for vegetarians. They also don’t have any seafood options for those of you who thought, well I am a vegetarian but I also eat fish.

"vegetarian burrito"

My brother and I got the steak burritos. The meats all looked great and there were so many juicy flavors: al pastor, steak, chicken, chorizo (pork sausage). This authentic mexican joint is a gem outside of Boston. This is great for those who don’t want to deal with the chaos that is Boston traffic and parking. The food is great and all the prices are under $10 per entree (the burritos were like $5!!). They also serve tacos (hard shell, soft shell), quesadilla, gorda (Mexican sandwich).

my extra spicy steak burrito

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Yucatan Mexican Restaurant in Pineville, LA

Yucatan Mexican Restaurant
200 Sandifer Lane
Pineville, LA

I had read online that this was the best mexican restaurant in town so we had to check it out! the service was nice and friendly.

chips and salsa

the chips and salsa were quite tasty and authentic! yes~!

can’t believe my dining companion ordered a hamburger from a mexican restaurant. she said it didn’t taste very good. duh!

my chicken chimichanga was delicious! i especially loved the hot sauce.

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Izzo's illegal burrito in New Orleans, LA

Izzo’s Illegal Burrito
4316 Veterans Memorial Blvd.
Metairie, LA

I was super excited to eat here because I was trying to study at Starbucks and I saw that there were a ton of cars parked with hungry customers waiting to go inside. It’s gotta be good right?

Izzo's Illegal Burrito

Inside it’s kinda like Chipotle with the assembly line starting with tortilla flavor then to filling (meat or veggie) and then a ton of toppings. What is up with these americanized burritos that are the size of a small baby? This could’ve easily been 2 or 3 burrito servings.

look at how thick this burrito is!

My friend got the grilled mushrooms burrito. She liked it a lot, but wished that they had given her more veggies.

veggie burrito

I ordered the steak and I would say, nothing special. The meat was pretty tough to chew actually. Hopefully, if I go back, I’ll try something a bit more tender.

steak burrito

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Tyson Bees in Philadelphia

Tyson Bees Foodtruck
33rd St and Spruce St
Philadelphia, PA 19104

the truck

I felt that it was quite fitting that my very first meal in Philadelphia after quite a hiatus was served from a foodtruck. There are maybe a handful of foodtrucks in New Orleans. Oh Philly, how I’ve missed you!

long line!

This place had quite a hype, especially with our friends who eat here practically every day (and some of them literally every day).  Luckily when I got there, there weren’t many people. But in the time it took me to scan the menu, a long line formed behind me. So I went with the first 4 items on the menu that looked good (edamame taco? doesn’t sound that appealing).

the menu

One thing that I thought was really unique was that instead of giving me a number or shouting out my order when it was ready, the foodtruck dude gave me a card (one of those 52 card deck cards), and when my food was ready, he shouted “Queen of Hearts!” I guess that’s a pretty good system (if your menu only has 14 items and everyone orders #3, how are you going to keep track of which #3 goes to which customer?)
So Joe and I agreed that this was probably the best dish out of everything we had: Korean BBQ beef short rib taco $3. I loved the spicy sauce that came with it.

bulgogi taco

The Thai basil chicken taco $3 was not very good.

thai basil chicken taco

The Kimchi and cheese quesadilla $5 was delicious. I’ve heard of some friends that put cheese on their ramen but never before with kimchi. This was a revolutionary idea! I loved it! Maybe would’ve been easier to eat though if the kimchi had been chopped up to bite-size pieces. There were so many times where I would take a bite and pull away, only to have a long leaf of kimchi pull out from the quesadilla and land on my face. Kimchi stains are probably one of the hardest stains known to mankind to get out.

kimchi quesadilla

We agreed that this was a very unique idea: Korean BBQ beef short rib and kimchi burrito $5. Again, would’ve been a little easier if the kimchi was bite-size. It was kind of like a bibimbap wrapped in a burrito. It was good. But the best of everything we had was definitely the bulgogi taco.

bulgogi burrito

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Anna's Taqueria in Boston, MA

Anna’s Taqueria
236 Elm St.
Somerville, MA

Anna’s Taqueria is an authentic Mexican food staple in Boston. This place is well known for how quickly  your food is ready and how delicious it is for only $4.55. If you’re looking for some good cheap Mexican food, look no further!

Anna's Taqueria

It was hard to find a place to sit so we took our burritos to eat at home. We got here around 11:30 and there wasn’t a line. As we were waiting for the gentleman in front of us to order, a super long line formed behind us. Eek!


My mouth salivates as heat radiates from the aluminum foil surrounding the burrito. The grilled veggie burrito came with an assortment of vegetables; very nice.

Veggie Burrito

the steak burrito was awesome!!! the steak was flavorful, staying true to inherent beef flavors. Even though it’s like an extra $1 for guacamole and sour cream, it’s totally worth it. The size may seem daunting but considering other restaurant chains that serve burritos (Chipotle and Qdoba), this burrito is on the smaller side. And much more authentic tasting!

steak burrito

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Taqueria Corona in New Orleans

Taqueria Corona
5932 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA

Parking isn’t too bad because there are a lot of streets off of Magazine. Service was friendly enough (authentic Mexican servers and authentic Mexican chef). The menu has a lot of variety on it, and not priced too badly. The California burrito (larger than both my forearms together) was $10. The chorizo was literally a sausage. This burrito was so big it was a disaster trying to eat it (it didn’t close all the way) and I love eating burritos with my God-given hands (forget silverware!) I ended up having to sort of cradle it (Thank God for huge sinks). The fish taco was AMAZING! You could tell it was fresh fish and the batter was delicious and the spicy sauce had a tangy flavor to it. This was by far my favorite thing on their menu. For only $3.50, too! I thought I was so smart ordering the pico de gallo on the side for my chicken and beef tacos, I forgot though that in authentic Mexican joints, that means you just get corn tortillas with meat. haha. my bad. This place was delicious and would love to come back for some authentic Mexican food (but my #1 is still Feipes, you can lift the burrito without a crane).

California burrito, they weren't joking when they said it's big

delicious chorizo burrito

fish taco

chicken and beef taco (i thought was so smart ordering pico de gallo on the side)

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Juan's flying burrito in New Orleans

Juan’s Flying Burrito
2018 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70130

I finally had a taste of Juan’s flying burrito. I’ve been a loyal Felipe’s customer but I thought I should branch out and give the competition a chance. Nope! Although the food is delicious and this location is more convenient for me, the prices are slightly more expensive than Felipes. I think it was the ambiance. Im not a fan of smokey bars where the music is so loud you can’t hear a thing the waittress says.  But great food for lower garden district area~

Super Nachos Grande ground sausage and chicken, with black and pinto beans, melted cheese, guacamole, sour cream, salsa and jalapenos for $8.95.They are not joking when they say “super and grande”. this was a beast of a nachos dish! It was very delectable but could’ve fared without so much sour cream. But they definitely give you a ton of ground sausage and chicken.

Jerk Chicken burrito with cheddar and jack cheesee, black beans, yellow rice, salsa, sour cream and avocado in a lightly grilled tortilla  for $7.50. The chicken was moist and had a grilled adobo flavor to it (DELISH!). It was a huge burrito (I think bigger than Felipes actually).

The Flying Burrito grilled steak, gulf shrimp, and chicken with cheddar and jack cheese, black beans, yellow rice, salsa, sour cream and guacamole rolled in a grilled tortilla for $8.25. Well this burrito sounded great in theory. Unfortunately, you can’t discern the taste of the steak, shrimp or chicken from each other because the huge mess all tastes like lime……what a bummer.

super nacho grande

flying burrito


jerk chicken burrito

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Felipe’s in New Orleans

Felipe’s Taqueria
301 N Peters St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 267-4406


It’s awesome that there are places in New Orleans that you can get a full and delicious meal for $5.50 (super burrito). My favorite is the steak burrito or chorizo burrito, depending on my mood. The steak is hit or miss though, sometimes the meat is fine and sometimes it’s a tug of war between the burrito and your teeth. Chorizo is usually a winner, a little on the salty side but very nice and spicy ground pork. I like to get mine with black beans and the red sauce (not pico de gallo). My fellow foodie had the fried shrimp burrito (it’s battered, not very fresh tho. the shrimp had already been pre-cooked and taken out of the fridge and re-fried on the spot. The shrimp still had veins in it too. The batter was on the sweet side somehow). The shrimp burrito with corn was overkill of sweet. The queso dip is great too, with a beer-base. The problem with the queso dip though is that it hardens right away once it’s off the heater. So be sure to enjoy your queso dip right away after you order it. Although the line is long, d0n’t worry, all the workers move very fast. Just try to avoid really busy meal times like noon and 6 PM.

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Tacos Don Memo
3800 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
610 529 2039

This place, you absolutely must call ahead of time, even when you walk up to the truck, there’s  a good 15-20 minute wait. Even when you call ahead of time though, it only moves you up a few spots because everyone else calls ahead of time. I’ve been looking in every grocery store’s ethnic food aisle for their hot sauce. I’m pretty sure they must make it because the millions of useless bottles of hot sauce I’ve purchased don’t come close to this one! Whenever I get my steak burrito, I always ask for extra hot sauce on the side so I can dunk my burrito.

the truck!

best burrito ever!

w hot sauce

w out hot sauce