Atwood Bakery in Alexandria, LA

Atwood Bakery
1125 Macarthur Dr.
Alexandria, LA

this bakery was recently showcased on Cake Boss. the desserts are quite good and beautifully decorated. the prices aren’t too bad either. it’s nice that the bakery is also a gelateria, the gelato is probably their best feature. they allow you to sample the flavors but be careful of who helps you out. during my numerous visits to this establishment, i figured out that the younger people who work there are more friendly whereas the elderly gentleman with the chef’s hat is a bit short  with ppl.

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Stanley's in New Orleans, LA

547 Saint Ann St.
New Orleans, LA


This restaurant is located in the heart of the French Quarter (Jackson square). I came at breakfast time to avoid the sweltering heat and enormous crowds that tend to congregate in this area to watch street performers and artists selling their work on the sidewalk. I liked the clean and modern decor of the place. The service was very friendly. Giving us adequate time to browse the menu and bringing out our food promptly. And this place has awesome hours! 7 am to 10 PM daily!

Breaux Bridge Benedict

My dining companion and I were torn between two dishes and the waiter offered to bring out half orders of each so that we could try both. Awesome! We started with the Breaux Bridge benedict which supposedly is the most popular dish on the menu. I was a little iffy about this but was intrigued when the waiter said it was by far the favorite of locals.

couldn't wait to cut into this!

Felt like Gordon Ramsay on MasterChef cutting into the egg. Looked so yummy as the yolk ran down the boudin, cheese and creole hollandaise. This truly was a creole hollandaise, it was kicking and fighting all the way down the GI  tube. I like my food with a spicy kick! The egg was perfectly cooked, not too runny or too solid. The boudin was interesting in composition but you couldn’t really taste it with all the other flavors going on in this dish. Definitely a huge fan of this dish!

Banana Foster French Toast

So when I read the menu online last night, this dish was actually my first choice. Probably cuz of my sweet tooth. I’m kinda glad I ate this second, cuz it was more of a bread pudding dessert than a french toast breakfast entree. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious. I especially loved the Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream with sliced bananas, and toasted walnut in Foster sauce. the french bread had become a little soggy for my preferences for french toast, but again, overall the dish was yummy!
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Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans
613 Royal St.
New Orleans, LA

Jazz breakfast buffet for $28 per person!

the charm gates from Spain, if you touch them you will be charmed (no, not the 3 sister witches)

when you walk in, you are handed a coin and asked to wait to be seated. when you get your table, you give back the coin. so magical:

when you walk outside, the first thing you see is this fountain. i couldn’t get over how rich the blue was!

the outdoor seating area was wonderful but the seats were lacking. the cushions were lose from the chairs (probably makes it easier to stack the chairs in case of rain).

in addition to being famous for outdoor eating area, the buffet has 80 items (well they had like 4 different types of blocks of cheese, and tons of cold pasta salads).

I got 3 plates of food: 2 hot plates + 1 dessert plate (gotta get my money’s worth):
my 1st plate: bacon/cheese omelette, creamed spinach, grits, bacon, sausage, cornbread, biscuit, and stuffing. my favorite was the creamed spinach.

2nd plate: creole shrimp omelette (which I didn’t eat because my 1st bite of shrimp was full of shells), creamed spinach, bacon, croissant, blocks of cheeses.

dessert plate: chocolate cake, apple crumble, bananas foster and pecan pie. the only thing i had room for was the pecan pie and bananas foster.

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that jazz music meant LIVE jazz music. haha. anyways, as I was sitting and listening to the songs, I realized they were all about heartbreak……how sad. is that really the mood we want to set for our meals? what if I was here with my significant other? geez! the music was nice in the background, the only thing that really bothered me was the waiters. We had a team of maybe 4 different guys waiting on us and it was impossible to deal with because they didn’t talk to each other at all so my table conversation was interrupted every 5 minutes asking if I needed more coffee or water or am I done with that plate.

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Pita Pit in New Orleans

Pita Pit
5800 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA

This site is very clean. The service was quite friendly. The toppings were fresh and the meat was flavorful enough. The wraps were about $7 and took no time to prepare. It was pretty awesome to watch the lady behind the counter to make a wrap and then hand it to you.

cool Halloween decorations

lots of toppings to choose from

they literally just hand this pita wrap to you across the counter

chicken breakfast wrap

lamb gyro wrap

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Cafe Fleur de Lis in New Orleans

Cafe Fleur De Lis
307 Chartres St.
New Orleans, LA 70130

The breakfast here was amazing! Not too heavy like other breakfast places in the area. The prices aren’t bad either for the amount of food you get (about $10 on average). The portions here are huge and the service is friendly enough (although unless you remind them to bring out a part of your order they’ll most likely forget because they’re so busy).

breakfast platter

egg sandwich

chocolate chip pancakes!

the blueberry pancake was the best pancake ever!



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Pewter Rose Bistro in Charlotte, NC

Pewter Rose Bistro
1820 South Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28203

Pewter Rose Bistro is in the upstairs of the plaza, with plenty of parking space. While sitting inside, you are convinced that you are outisde because of the decorations and trees. It felt like I was eating in the French countryside with the yellow and green hues of the interior design. The food here was amazing and not that expensive! I think we spent about $30 total for everything (2 coffees + 2 entrees). I was amazed at how they got fluffy mashed potatoes inside an omelette. The italian sausage gave it a slightly spicy kick. My fellow foodie’s corn grits were so hearty and delicious! (you could taste the gritty composition of the corn meal). The poached eggs with hollandaise sauce on crabcakes was a very interesting take on this dish. In my personal opinion though, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce is too rich so I can usually only handle a bite at a time.  This place had won top 25 brunches in Zagat, so they started serving brunch on weekdays and extended the time from 10 AM to 2:30 PM.

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Surrey’s- The Breakfast Spot

Surrey’s Cafe and Juice Bar
1418 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70130

Beware, cash only! The breakfast foods here are super delicious but super heavy! I remember feeling really full after a few bites of food.really really delicious, but a bit overpriced.

crab omelette with a side of hash browns

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Country Squire- good ol’ diners

Country Squire Diner
2560 W. Chester Pk
Broomall, PA 19008

I love breakfast foods, so going to diners is always a good time. The breakfast here was pretty hearty and decently priced. Obviously the diners in Jersey are more famous, but this is a perfect back up plan.