Po Boy Fest

Po Boy Fest

Oak St. and Carrollton St.
New Orleans,

This post is dedicated to a very special couple that spent a few hours with me today on their precious anniversary! It really meant the world to me that they took time from their busy schedule to enjoy some po boys w me! Thank you, Romanellis!!

the Romanellis

I can’t believe I missed this event last year, what was I thinking? A little tip to those who are new on the scene, ask for a 1/2 po boy (it’s not on the menu), but it’ll give you room to try a bunch of different po boys. It was super crowded! At certain points, walking traffic was literally at stand-still!

Po Boy Fest Banner

And what is a festival in New Orleans without music! It was nice because the live music wasn’t so loud that you couldn’t hear what your neighbor was saying. Pleasant background music that was barely audible towards the middle of the streets.

live jazz music

#1: First po boy of the day was the Dante’s Kitchen’s Confit pork Cuban po-boy w/black pepper bourbon mustard. It was juicy and the cucumber gave it an extra, fresh flavor.

confit pork Cuban po boy!

confit pork cuban po boy

#2: Next up was Boucherie’s 12 hour roast beef po-boy with red pickled onions & horseradish cream. It was delicious! You could taste the 12 hours of braising! The red picked onions wasn’t overpowering, very nice!

12 hour roast beef po-boy with red pickled onions & horseradish cream

#3: Next up was Barcelona’s Tapas’s Spanish-style pork loin medallions and gouda po-boy. This was by far, the favorite of the group. There were bits of jalapenos giving it an extra spicy kick. The gouda and pork flavors worked in great harmony.

Spanish-style pork loin medallions and gouda po-boy

#4: Then Zea’s almond crunchy shrimp po boy. This was a super creative po boy, crunchy shrimp tossed in sauce with a fresh, citrus asian sesame seed dressing flavor.

Zea's po boy

#5: Next up was Parkway Bakery and Tavern’s Slow roasted chuck roast po-boy. Dang, I felt like they should’ve given us bowls and spoons with this thing. It was super messy trying to eat. The bread got super soggy fast.

Slow roasted chuck roast po-boy

#6: So excited for Jacques-Imo’s Fried green tomato with shrimp remoulade po-boy. The fried green tomato was interesting, because it had the crispy crunch of fried food with a wave of refreshing tomato juice. The shrimp remoulade was amazing, not too sour or strong like other remoulades I’ve had before.

Fried green tomato with shrimp remoulade po-boy

#7: Blue Frog Chocolate’s Icy Hot Chocolate (frozen drink). It literally tasted like hot chocolate I’ve had at ski lodges up in the White Mountains of NH. I had no idea you could freeze hot chocolate but Blue Frog did!

Icy Hot Chocolate (frozen drink)

#8: Ye Olde College Inn’s Fried bread pudding po-boy. This was well worth the hype. It was sweet and hot and crispy yet chewy at the same time. SO GOOD!

Fried bread pudding po-boy

Boucherie in New Orleans

8115 Jeanette St.
New Orleans, LA 70118

OK so actually Boucherie has been on my list ever since I moved here and heard great things about. And this place definitely delivered! It’s high quality food at a very affordable price! My fellow foodie had the brilliant idea to order a ton of small plates so that we could try a bit of everything! We spent about $15 each on food and we helped ourselves to 4 small plates (pretty sizeable) and 1 dessert platter. We both ordered the caipirinha mixed drink because when I was abroad, I was told that it is the Brazilian mojito but sweet. Unforunately, it ended up being lemonade for adults.

The food, however, blew my mind!The complimentary soup was an interesting blend of flavors, especially the curry that kinda snuck up on you at the end:

The Boudin balls and mussels were delicious and don’t get me started on the garlicky parmesan french fries (heavenly!)

The Boudin balls were perfect with the garlic aioli:

The mussels were good but the garlicky parmesan french fries were to die for! Perfect amount of saltiness:

The roasted eggplant and goat cheese terrine surprised me because I was expecting mostly roasted eggplant, not mostly goat cheese. It was interesting but I was not a fan:

I was really looking forward to the bacon brownie. I think the texture of the brownie was a bit dryer (probably from the bacon pieces), and it tasted saltier than a normal brownie but the bacon flavor didn’t really hit me until I had a big piece of bacon in my mouth. I wasn’t a huge fan of mixing two of my many favorite things. The Thai chili chocolate pie was very surprising because the spiciness was a huge kick at the end when you think, ok sweet stuff and then your tongue screams hell no! burnt spicy stuff! The star of the night was the Krispy Kreme bread pudding, they even had this warm honey sugar glaze over it so it really did taste like a Krispy Kreme donut! It was the perfect amount of fluffy and crispy with lots of sweets! mmmmmmmmmmm

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