Cowbell in New Orleans

8801 Oak St.
New Orleans, LA

the front of Cowbell

From the front, it’s not much.  It’s not in the neighbhorhood where you would be wandering around looking for somewhere to grab a bite. This is really close to the river and their clientele is mainly regulars or really committed foodies. Cowbell opened about 6 months ago and there weren’t that many customers when I got there. Hopefully this post will change that!


The decor is kinda scrappy. The walls had a scrap metal look to it. It’s got a clean hipster vibe to it. Saw lots of signs with artwork from the 50s like Rosie the Riveter from WWII. I wasn’t here tho to appreciate the 50s feel to the place, I had heard through word of mouth that this place serve the best burger in New Orleans!


I guess they have their liquour license now (I know before that it was BYO). I really liked the look of these shelves. As I was sitting at the counter waiting for my order to come out, I got to chat with some of the workers. They seemed quite content to be working there. I really appreciate them taking my order since I got there 20 min before they were closing for lunch. The girl who took my order didn’t rush me at all as I skimmed the menu.

cute collection

The blackboard menu on the wall reminded me that I’m definitely in the South.

blackkboard menus

$17 is a bit expensive for a burger for me but I had to give this burger a shot. The natural beef burger came on a potato bread roll, lettuce, onion, blue cheese (+$1), bacon (+$2), and zinfandel-bacon-onion-compote (+$1). I love thick juicy burgers. I liked that they paid respect to the bread portion of the hamburger, and got a decent potato bread roll toasted!  The compote was sweet and downplayed the punch of the blue cheese. What made this delicious though, was the agogo sauce.

burger w everything

I’ve read reviews where people have admitted to stealing containers of this sauce from their table. I’m not surprised! It’s definitely got sriracha sauce in it, but it was savory and sweet all at the same time.

agogo sauce

I kept waiting for the hot chili cheese fries to get hot and they never did. Still good but not hot (in my personal opinion). The fries were thick and crispy and the chili sauce was not that salty. My favorite though was dipping this in agogo sauce! If you think I’m overhyping this sauce, then you need to go and check it out yourself!

chili cheese fries

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Cure in New Orleans

4905 Freret St.
New Orleans, LA

I was super excited to eat here! I’ve driven by many times and have always wanted to go in. Everything on the menu looked so good; we ordered almost everything.  This wine bar also has an excellent choice of scotch. I love the ambiance with dim lighting and leather couch seats.

we started off with goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in pancetta. These were SO DELICIOUS! The sweetness of the dates complimented the pancetta in the background of goat cheese and it was coated in a syrup of dates.

Bacon and Bleu cheese tartine w bayley hazen, louisiana honey, bacon and onion jam. The bacon with blue cheese and onion is no stranger, but the hazen and honey were a new and much welcomed spin.

Spicy Jamaican meat pie with chicken, coconut curry, barbeque sauce and house made orange coconut soda. The coconut curry was a little on the weak side, but I really loved the barbeque sauce combination with the meat pie.

Shrimp Ceviche with pico de gallo, pepper, mango, pickled mustard seed and avocado. The ceviche had a strong citrus flavor (that is how ceviche is prepared) and was served cold.

Vadouvian Cauliflower with cauliflower cream, curry spiced vegetables and white choocolate. I was blown away by this dish. The cauliflower was not only beautiful in presentation but delicious and not soggy at all.

Short rib “debris” sandwich with gruyere, red wine braised black angus short rib, shiitake ragout and onion jam. This was by far, the winner of the night. The juicy meat on the toasted and buttered sandwich with the onion flavor was HEAVENLY. If I were to have a last meal on earth, this would be part of that meal.

The count with french toast, chiesi ham, membrillo, manchego, dijon mustard, egg. The dijon mustard was very strong but still good.

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Cafe Rani in New Orleans

Cafe Rani
2917 Magazine St # 103
New Orleans, LA 70115-2264

We arrived for Saturday lunch and saw sadly that all the outdoor tables were taken. Since we were in a bit of a rush we decided to eat inside. The waittress was very friendly and able to answer all of our questions.

From the most popular appetizers, we decided to start with the shrimp and crawfish bruschetta which is served in lobster butter with artichokes and tomatoes over a Rosemary ciabatta crouton. The shrimp was crisp to the bite but when everything was compiled on the delicious bread it was lacking in flavor. Trying to scrub the plate w the bread didn’t really help. The crawfish had a really fishy flavor but I guess it’s its natural flavor.


My friend ordered the Mediterranean sandwich which has roasted red peppers, cucumber, spinach, tomato, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, red onion, provolone and Swiss cheese. This place definitely caters to the vegetarian clientele! The filling was good but the bread was not tasty. The alfalfa sprout was lacking too. The cheeses on the sandwich were good though. The side salad was made w old lettuce!

Mediterranean sandwich

I ordered the blues burger since I was craving some red meat. This comes w blue cheese and blue cheese dressing. I decided to indulge and add bacon and get a side of potato chips. we only live once right? This place isn’t known for their hamburgers so I wasn’t expecting much. The bread was so big and dry and the mystery of all the side condiments that came out w my burger was instantly explained. The spicy mustard was great for dipping chips in but the blue cheese dressing was absolutely necessary for the burger.

blue cheese burger

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Mr. John's Steakhouse in New Orleans

Mr. John’s steakhouse
2111 St. Charles ave.
New Orleans

Outside of Mr. John's Steakhouse

If you’re lucky enough to get a window seat, you get an amazing view of St. Charles ave (great for people watching). Thank you Living Social Deals for another opportunity to eat out at a restaurant that is out of my normal budget for food!! I love the old school feel to the place. The maitre’d walking from table to table, asking people how is their meal and can he get them anything. It was great! Especially as we were walking out, he ran ahead of us to get the door and told us to watch out for a step! (very insistent)

complimentary garlic bread

As we sat pouring over the menu, we were promptly brought ice water and garlic bread. I noticed a lot of bigger parties here (family lunch? On a Friday? Oh yea, this restaurant only serves lunch on Fridays). So it was a bit chaotic and so I think all the waiters were running from table to table instead of divying up the tables and sticking to their stations. Which was nice because we almost always had service immediately when needed.

amuse bouche aka classic Italian meatball

After placing our orders, an amuse bouche arrived from the chef. Classic Italian meatballs! What is Julia’s favorite meat? The kind that falls apart at the slightest touch of my fork! It was DELICIOUS!

stuffed mushrooms. $9

To take full advantage of our coupon, we had to spend $50 on our bill. We were sad to see that all the steak prices were the same from dinner prices (the lower end steaks were at about $37) which was when we decided to take a look at lunch entrees not available at dinner time.  We started off with these stuffed mushrooms.

crabmeat stuffed mushroom broiled with butter and romano cheese

The crabmeat gave it a wonderful fluffy texture while the butter and romano cheese satiated my taste buds. It was an amazing dish, with all the flavors complimenting each other for buttery goodness.

seafood cobb salad. $16

My fellow foodie had the seafood cobb salad filled with boiled Gulf shrimp, crabmeat, bacon, hard-boiled eggs, bleu cheese, tomatoes and avocado served over a spring mix salad with Creole mustard vinagrette. I stole a bite and the salad dressing was so refreshing! The shrimp was boiled to a perfect crisp texture. I liked how colorful this dish was.

Paneed pork chop

I thought the paneed pork chop which was pounded thin and panko crusted, topped with a petite salad of baby spinach, grape tomatoes, and bleu cheese with a side of mashed potatoes sounded wonderful. I was shocked at how huge it was! When I cut into it, I realized that my pork chop was cut butterfly style, probably so that it was thin enough to cook all the way with the panko covering.  So although it was very wide, it was super thin which I prefer because you can appreciate the flavor more. I love Japanese bread crumbs! It has a bit of its own flavor that enhances any meat you coat it with.

creme brulee $6

To reach our $50 mark, we ordered the creme brulee. The caramelized sugar was still hot but the cool custard brought it to a luke warm on my tongue. I loved that the sweetness wasn’t overkill. Delicious! And this meal cost me and my fellow foodie about $16 each including tax and tip. Boo-yah!

I think the thing that shocked me the most though was the time. My friend and I left two hours after our reservation! We were trying to think where did the time go, we really did not feel like there was a lag in our meal except for maybe from garlic bread to stuffed mushrooms, or entrees to dessert.  But the meal did not feel like it was dragging on at all! Good Job, Mr. John’s.

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