Grassfields Steak and Seafood in Andover, MA

Grassfields Steak and Seafood
207 N. Main St.
Andover, MA

the front

My family loves this restaurant but so does every senior citizen in Andover, MA. This restaurant open their doors for lunch every day at 11:15 AM and the senior citizens usually pack the place by 11:30 so if you want to get there without waiting for a table, plan accordingly.


This bread is one of my favorite things at Grassfield’s. The outside is crispy and the inside is sooo soft. And  it tastes phenomenal. I sometimes request an entire loaf to go which they are awesome about.

house salad

Our family usually gets a few of these side salads and split them amongst ourselves. Nothing spectacular, need some fresh veggies when you eat a heavy meal like this.

chicken teriyaki with steak tips

my brother loves these combo meals where you can get 2 entrees for $2 more than each individual entree.  they use a sweet teriyaki sauce for the chicken. I’m not a huge fan of their steak tips, I tend to find it on the chewy side. But my brother loves this combo and inhales it every time we eat here.

rice pilaf

The prized rice pilaf! This dish is buttery goodness! It’s a rice pilaf with spinach and not too much cream. This is my favorite side dish and whenever people get other sides, they always end up reaching over for mine!

baked crabmeat pie

The jumbo maryland crabmeat pie has pieces of crabmeat baked in butter covered in bread crumbs. This dish is hot, so be careful when eating it.  So delicious. I would highly recommend this as your splurge meal for the week.

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Sweet Basil- the only Thai option in Andover

209 North Main Street
Andover, MA 01810-3100
(978) 470-8098

At Sweet Basil, the decor is plain and a bit older looking. The service is quick though which is nice. It’s a little awkward if you order something to-go because you have to walk the entire length of the restaurant to get to the cashier at the back of the restaurant. However, eating in can be quite pleasant (unless there is a large, loud group near you since this place is definitely big enough to accomodate larger groups). The prices here at lunch time are definitely worth it (and take it from someone who was at the table that ordered a mix of lunch portions and dinner portions, the portions looked about the same and the only difference was in the price tag).

the pad thai was delicious but I was disappointed that it didn’t come with fried egg, tofu or shrimp. It was actually a little on the sweet side (and since I have a major sweet tooth, than it was probably way too sweet for the average joe).

pad thai


spicy pad thai

nothing a little sriracha sauce couldn’t fix!

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