Vegetarian options in New Orleans

Let me warn you, some of these restaurants also serve meat dishes but they do have great vegetarian options on the menu
Acropolis (middle eastern)
Babylon cafe (middle eastern)
Bennachin (African)
Boswell’s (Jamaican)
Byblos (middle eastern)
Cafe Abyssinia (amazing Ethiopian food)
Cafe Degas (you can request a vegetarian entree that the chef will create on the spot)
Carmo Cafe (Brazilian)
Cure (yummy cauliflower!)
Dat Dog (That’s right, they have a vegetarian dog)
Eat Nola (fried green tomatoes count as a veggie, right?)
Gott Gourmet Cafe (extensive salads section)
Green Goddess (amazing vegetarian dishes in the FQ)
Il Posto cafe (best panini sandwiches in the city)
Lebanon (middle eastern, my favorite)
Lola (Spanish)
Merchant (salads + Italian coffee!)
Milk Bar (vegetarian sandwiches on yummy bread from La Boulangerie)
Mona’s cafe (middle eastern)
Satsuma Cafe (everything except for a few dishes is vegetarian here)
Sukho Thai (Thai)
Tan Dinh (Vietnamese)
The Wandering Buddha (Korean vegetarian, never thought I’d see those 2 words together)