Dasiwa in Philadelphia, PA

735 N 26th st.
Philadelphia, PA

the entrance


our dinner

Because there was a huge party dining at the same time as us, the restaurant offered us a free roll, the Emerald city roll. It had eel, avocado and unagi sauce. The other roll we had was the firecracker roll, spicy yellowtail roll topped with spicy tuna.

salmon sashimi

Joe was craving some salmon sashimi so we got one order.

2 specialty rolls

The 2 specialty rolls we got were volcano roll and dasiwaki roll. The volcano roll had soft shell crab tempura, topped with salmon and roe. The dasiwaki roll had shrimp tempura topped with salmon, mango, avocado and unagi sauce.

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Melograno in Philadelphia, PA

2012 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA


Joe and I ate here with a couple of friends.  We were wondering around Rittenhouse Sq looking for a place to eat dinner and saw that this place had some tables available. It is BYO, so bring your own wine ppl! Our group started off with the mussels appetizer cooked in white wine, garlic and tomato. This is a great dish to share with a big group of people.


We got an order of meatballs composed of beef, veal and pork combination with tomato sauce and pecorino cheese. This dish was a bit harder to share with the group. But flavor profile-wise, I would say I liked this dish better than the mussels.

pappardelle tartufate

This is one of the signature dishes for Melograno, consists of wild mushrooms, walnuts, truffle oil and pecorino cheese. It was delicious. I’ve been trying a lot of dishes lately that have added walnuts, like pasta and pizza. I like it! It adds a nice crunch to the dish and also adds to the earthy flavor of the mushroom. And I love anything with truffle oil and cheese, it’s like my own personal kryptonite.

smoked pork chop

Joe had the smoked pork chop with creamy polenta and pomegranate reduction. He liked this dish a lot, but for the price they were asking for, not sure if we would return here. Especially with so much competition in this city for delicious Italian food like La Viola and Mercato.

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Barclay Prime Steakhouse in Philadelphia, PA

Barclay Prime
237 S 18th St.
Philadelphia, PA

pop over

Joe had lost a bet with me and I had my pick of Philly restaurants and chose Barclay Prime steakhouse since I’ve never been. We were seated in a gorgeous dining area, very modern vibe to it.  As Joe and I poured over the menu, they brought out these pop-overs with gruyere cheese in the middle. Amazing! I ended up getting 2!

lobster bisque

I saw lobster bisque on the menu and had to order it. The lobster bisque was good, but not great. The restaurant was very nice and split our order into 2 bowls so that we would have an easier time eating.

wagyu sliders

The wagyu steak on the menu was over $100 so to experience the wagyu beef, we got an order of the sliders. The sliders were amazing, tender and juicy.


Joe ordered the 18 oz Gachot & Gachot prime dry aged ribeye. Joe likes his steak medium-rare. He thoroughly enjoyed his rib-eye.

truffle mac and cheese

We got the side order of truffle mac and cheese. I had really high expectations for this dish because it had great reviews online. However, when we got it, it was super bland. I was disappointed to say the least.

NY strip steak

I had the 28 day dry aged NY strip steak. It was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed my steak.

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The Farm and Fisherman in Philadelphia, PA

The Farm and Fisherman
1120 Pine St.
Philadelphia, PA

bread roll!

We celebrated with dinner here shortly after Joe proposed to me on a rooftop in Philly (after re-enacting a famous proposal from our favorite tv show HIMYM: here is the video of our proposal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1TF8_lRyns ). To be honest, Joe had totally tricked me! I thought he was going to propose at a restaurant and then when he asked me to select a restaurant, I picked The Farm and Fisherman since it had great reviews online and sounds like they use the freshest ingredients. Our waittress was very kind and asked us if we were celebrating and I said we were celebrating Joe proposing to me and the waittress was so excited for us.

beet salad

We started off with a beet salad which came highly recommended. It was delicious! and refreshing! a great way to cleanse the palate and start our meal.

beef gnocchi

The other appetizer we split was a braised beef short rib with gnocchi. This was delicious! A bit more savory and filling than our other appetizer, but I love hot appetizers and braised beef short rib so this was the perfect choice for us.


Joe got the cod fish dish with a sweet pea puree. He really enjoyed his dish, and I’m not a huge fan of fishy-fish dishes but this one was a great dish! The fish was cooked to a nice crisp exterior and juicy flaky interior.


I had the steak dish with a corn mash and roasted veggies. The steak dish was terrific but I really enjoyed the corn on the side.


Our waittress brought out this dessert trifle on the house in honor of our proposal. This was a really nice dessert but I was super happy that we had ordered this other dessert dish:

apple tart

This apple tart was amazing! My favorite part was the crust, Joe and I were practically fighting over it. Overall, this was the perfect meal to celebrate our proposal.

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Pho Ha in Philadelphia, PA

Pho Ha
610 Washington Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19147


the front

It was a rainy cold day in Philly and I wanted some broth to warm myself with. I usually don’t like pho, but since I was also under the weather, a big bowl of soup and noodles sounded good for the soul. My boyfriend was very surprised when I announced that I wanted pho for dinner and so he was very excited and decided to treat me to some delicious Italian market Pho.You would be surprised that the best pho is in Italian market, but there also happens to be a street of Vietnamese restaurants and stores. In fact, the plaza that this restaurant is located in has a great boba place.

brisket pho

The pho broth hit the spot! So deep and complex! Joe had told me to get the meatball pho but the consistency was off-putting for me, so I was super happy that my pho had brisket in it. There was so much soup and broth in the regular bowl, no need for the large or extra stuff. The great thing about pho restaurants is that you can cater your bowl to your specific taste buds with the sriracha sauce, hoisin sauce and veggies that come on the side like jalapenos and beansprouts. The pho here was so good! I’m glad Joe brought me here.

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La Viola in Philadelphia, PA

La Viola Ovest
253 S. 16th st.
Philadelphia, PA


When I graduated from Penn 5 years ago, I took my family to La Viola for some hand-made pasta for my graduation dinner. I have fond memories here and the quality of food is great for the price. Speaking of price, this place is cash only so please keep that in mind when you visit.

frutti de mare

This dish had grilled calamari (steaks not the rings) in lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and tomatoes. I wasn’t too fond of this dish but Joe thought it was all right. To be fair, I’m not a huge fan of calamari steaks.

tagliatelle al salmone

Joe ordered the home-made tagliatelle pasta sauteed with salmon in a pink cognac sauce. I liked his a lot. The salmon offered a nice variety in texture.

pasta of the day

This was home-made tagliatelle pasta with shrimp and fish in a blush tomato creamy sauce. I preferred my dish over Joe’s dish because I loved the blush sauce and the shrimp. The dishes here are simple but delicious. I love treating myself to hand-made pasta!

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Day by Day in Philadelphia, PA

Day by Day
2101 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA



The chalkboard menu reminds me of New Orleans, sigh. Anywho, our group made the mistake of dining here for Sunday brunch and it wasn’t just any Sunday brunch, it was Mother’s Day brunch! Our wait was about an hour and 45 minutes. They had stop taking reservations the week before and so we decided to chance it with walk in. We kept telling ourselves that we were gonna leave if we didn’t get seated within the next 5 minutes, but ya know how when you’ve already waited an hour, you keep telling yourself that they have to seat you soon right? And you don’t want to leave because you’ve already an invested an hour of your life that you ain’t getting back. The food was pretty good, but not sure if it was worth the ridiculous wait. Especially cuz the hostess kept lying to us, she kept telling us we would be seated within 20 minutes, or we were next. blah blah blah. if she had been straight with us from the beginning, we could’ve made an informed decision to eat elsewhere.


Joe and I split the bacon and cheese quiche which was quite good. It was very thick and tall like a manly quiche.

poached eggs florentine

One of our friend’s ordered the poached eggs florentine which had 2 poached eggs, sauteed spinach, roasted potatoes and hollandaise sauce. Smelled good but for me, hollandaise sauce is very heavy for early in the morning which is why I guess it shows up on brunch menus.

veggie omelette

The veggie omelette had asparagus, mushroom and cheese with roasted potatoes and whole wheat toast.

chocolate chip pancakes

I have lots of memories of eating pancakes on Sunday mornings while growing up so I ordered the chocolate chip pancakes with a side of fruit. It was very light, airy and fluffy.

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Yellow Juice Bar in Philadelphia, PA

Yellow Juice Bar
2046 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA


veggie smoothie

I got the rejuvenator vegetable smoothie which contains kale, carrot, cucumber and celery. There’s literally an asian woman who juices all the veggies on her Breville machine. Pretty expensive considering their costs are extremely low (veggies are super cheap). But since my Breville juicer is in storage right now, I’m willing to pay for the labor to have a fresh veggie smoothie. The service was pretty nice and there was quite a big selection of drinks (and the guy taking our order was willing to customize any of the drink options to our own specific tastes).

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Max Brenner in Philadelphia, PA

Max Brenner
1500 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA


Ever since Max Brenner opened its doors in Philly, this was on my bucket list of places to visit. When you walk, the warm colors welcome you like walking in to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. As we sat down, we flipped open the dessert menu and I started salivating immediately!

hot chocolate

Joe got the hot chocolate. He had a choice of types of chocolate and went with dark chocolate. I thought this came out in the cutest glass. His hot chocolate was  rich and creamy.

chai tea latte

My chai tea latte came out in this tea infuser and had a cinnamon raisin biscotti on the side. The chai tea latte was velvety with a nice spice kick.


chocolate fondue

To commemorate our 1st date at Melting Pot, we ordered the chocolate fondue which came with warm toffee, warm milk chocolate and raspberries. I thought it was really cool that these stacking dishes were over an open flame and the plate that it came out on was a notebook paper! I think the one thing I didn’t like was the raspberries (and there weren’t enough churros). But overall, the toffee was delicious and the milk chocolate covered churro hit the spot.


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