Chart House in Boston, MA

Chart House
60 Long Wharf
Boston, MA

mussels in white wine sauce

Our family ate here for dinner and we started off with a few appetizers including the steamed mussels in shallots, garlic, and white wine. This was a good choice for a lot of people to share. The mussels were fresh and the white wine broth was complimentary with the mussels.

stuffed mushroom

The crab stuffed mushrooms were baked in a white wine sauce. this one was a little tougher for everyone to split but it was delicious and I liked it a lot. My brother probably would’ve ate the entire plate if he had had the option.

chopped salad

The chopped spinach salad had warm bacon dressing, chopped chicken, chopped egg, bacon, chopped red peppers and avocados. I wasn’t a huge fan of this mix, I think I would’ve preferred it without the red peppers and the heat they brought. But overall, the salad was pretty good.


lobster bisque

I thoroughly enjoyed my creamy lobster bisque.  However, I think the sherry in the bisque was overpowering. But I did note that there were a ton of lobster chunks in the soup. And who doesn’t love those soup crackers? I prefer to drop a few in the soup at a time so that I can appreciate the crunch while savoring the taste of the soup. If you dropped them in all at once, you’d be left with a soggy mess towards the bottom of your soup bowl.

macadamia crusted mahi

The macadamia crusted mahi came out with peanut sauce with a hint of Frangelico, mango relish, and soy glaze drizzle. This was my dad’s dish, since this is a seafood restaurant he wanted to go with one of the more popular fish dishes and so this was recommended to him. He really enjoyed his dish.

prime rib

Joe ordered the 10 oz prime rib, and I was so surprised at this slab of meat that came out. Joe prefers his meats more rare than I do, so I didn’t really try his meat dish but he did like it a lot. Even though I thought he was being a cave-man with his huge cut of meat.

creamed spinach

Joe and I split a side order of creamed spinach. I don’t know about him, but my palette was searching for a break from all the delicious meat juices and the creamy goodness of this side dish was the perfect choice.

steak and scallop

My brother had gotten the steak and scallop combo dish, which came out with some steak tips and grilled shrimp. He inhaled this thing in a matter of minutes. I tried a bite of his steak tips which I usually don’t like because I find them too overdone and chewy, but these were done nicely. Overall, the restaurant had a nice and classy decor about it. I really liked the dark interior and random wall decorations that made it look like we were out to sea. The food quality was ok, but not enough to justify the high prices.

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Boston Burger Company in Somerville, MA

Boston Burger Company
37 Davis Sq
Somerville, MA

wall decor

My brother and I were in the mood for hamburgers and I began to research for what possibilities were available for Sunday lunch. This place had great reviews and again, I love those meat patties that take 2 hands to support. This chain has 2 locations, one in Somerville and one in Boston and I decided to go to the Somerville location since it offers a better parking situation. While I was perusing the menu, I saw these lovely paintings on the wall and decided to order the Hot Mess burger for my brother after reading up on its “anatomy.”


mini mac-ancini

I love deep fried mac and cheese and so when I saw the mini mac-ancini on the menu, I couldn’t resist. Arancini is deep fried little balls of risotto covered in batter. I was actually a little disappointed with this preparation because the mac and cheese flavor was lost compared to the batter flavor. I wish that the mac and cheese flavor was more bold but that’s just my personal preference. I did love the crunch that these little balls offered.

Hot Mess Burger

The Hot Mess burger has sweet potato fries, American cheese, bacon, shredded lettuce and Thousand Island dressing on top. The Hot Mess burger patty is 8 oz of juicy goodness. My brother couldn’t even take a bite because the burger was so tall. He decided to go fork and knife when he realized he couldn’t bite it in its entirety. The burger was delicious! My brother ate every single bite of the burger plus all of the home made potato chips.

garlic and parmesan fries

I had saw great reviews online about the garlic and parmesan fries so we got an order of it. I was surprised when I saw these huge steak fries come out, but I guess it makes sense. If you’re going to get a medium to absorb the garlic olive oil and to carry parmesan cheese, it might as well be a huge honking steak fry! It was delicious but we were so full from the burgers and appetizer that we didn’t finish the fries.

the special of the day

The burger I got was a special of the day called “The Big Party,” which is a meat patty wrapped in bacon and then dipped in beer-batter and then deep fried. It is then topped with cheddar cheese and chipotle ketchup. This burger was humongous! I was able to take whomping bites out of it, but was unable to touch the chips because I was so full. I really liked the texture that the deep fried batter added to the burger. I wasn’t a huge fan of the salty bacon layer and probably would’ve preferred my deep fried burger without it. But overall, it was mouth-watering juicy meaty goodness.

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Osushi in Boston, MA

OSushi (in the Westin hotel)
10 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA

popcorn shrimp tempura

Popcorn shrimp tempura which was rock shrimp lightly battered with a side of spicy aioli. We ate here because we had a groupon for 2 appetizers and 2 maki rolls. The rock shrimp tempura was definitely the best appetizer we had ordered. I especially liked the heat from the spicy aioli.



Kanpachi with truffle soy sauce was thinly sliced yellowtail with aged soy sauce and truffle oil vinagrette. I thought that this appetizer dish was way too salty, it might have been the combination of the soy sauce and the vinagrette together. It was so salty that my tongue could barely handle it. I drained my water and I had to wait for a long time before the waiter refilled my water.


2 sushi rolls with the same filling

Both rolls had shrimp tempura, cucumber and avocado but different toppings. One had salmon on top and the other had tuna on top. I was worried that the 2 rolls were going to taste to similar but I was assured that the toppings were very different. I did think that the tuna and the salmon taste differently and were equally fresh. unfortunately, after eating these 2 appetizers and 2 rolls, we were still hungry. luckily, we were in Copley plaza and so my brother and I went out for desserts afterwards.

salmon and tuna on top

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Taco Loco in Somerville, MA

Taco Loco
44 Broadway
Somerville, MA

So parking in this area was not easy! The restaurant is like right there when you get off of 93 so you really don’t have a lot of options. Plus all these parking permit only signs and threats of towing doesn’t make finding parking any easier. But don’t give up! the food is well worth it.

extensive food options

This place has rave reviews online and I have to admit that this place lives up the hype. Fresh ingredients and authentic flavors! And it doesn’t break the bank to eat here which is always a plus. Not too many seats to sit down to eat, but I think the majority of the patrons get their food to go. But if you do end up sitting down to eat, you can watch Shrek in Spanish.

steak burrito

I think everyone has heard me lament about how unphotogenic burritos are, so I won’t get into that again. Plus points for having my favorite hot sauce! The burrito was huge!! this could have easily been 2 meals. The meat was tender and juicy. My only complaint would be the amount of white rice in my burrito, there was a ton! I take huge bites of food at once (attractive, i know) and there were some bites that were just all rice which isn’t right. but that’s just me being nit-picky. overall, the food was amazing and I will def return.


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Cantina Italiana in Boston, MA

Cantina Italiana
346 Hanover St.
Boston, MA

I made the mistake of venturing into the North End without a reservation on a Saturday night. We tried to go to 3 different restaurants and got turned away at the door because we didn’t have a reservation. The other few places on my list had super long lines out the door and since it’s freezing in Boston in the winter time, waiting outside was not an option. My parents have fond memories of eating at Cantina Italiana and so we walked over and found that there were plenty of empty tables. Not sure if there were seats because it’s not a popular place to eat or because this place is larger than other restaurants and had more tables. But we were freezing and starving and decided to sit down at the first place that had a table and so here we were!


The mozzarella caprese appetizer had imported fresh mozzarella cheese, plum ripe tomatoes and roasted red pepper drizzled with olive oil with fresh basil on top. This was a very refreshing appetizer and set the landscape for the meal.

lobster ravioli

Even though this wasn’t on the menu, I saw the lobster ravioli as an accompaniment to one of the meat dishes and so I asked the waiter to ask the chef if he could make me an main entree of just the lobster ravioli. Luckily, the chef was willing to accomodate my picky eating habits. The ravioli dish was alright. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t spectacular. The pasta didn’t taste home-made.

seafood pasta

The bombolotti con aragosta is a home-made pasta tossed with shrimp and lobster meat in a plum tomato sauce with garlic and olive oil. This was Joe’s dish. The bombolotti is a large tubular pasta, it was a little awkward to eat. There was a lot of shrimp and lobster meat which is always awesome. Overall, the meal was good for people looking to get out of the cold but it wasn’t the best pasta of my life.

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Plan B Burger in Springfield, MA

Plan B Burger
1000 West Columbus Avenue
Springfield, MA 01105

my creation


So I had started off with an order of the simple bacon cheeseburger with garlic mayo, but then I decided to get creative and asked for a fried egg on top and to change the bread to their pretzel bread. the waittress was up for the challenge and the chef agreed! woo! and we were in business!


truffle parmesan fries

They had truffle fries and I asked the waiter if the chef would be willing to put some parmesan cheese on the truffle fries. It was pretty nice, I was really glad that the chef was super accomodating. Definitely one of the better burger joints in the area.
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New Jumbo Seafood in Boston, MA (Chinatown)

New Jumbo Seafood
5 Hudson st.
Boston, MA

This is a Chinatown staple, I was a bit worried  because of a lot of negative reviews but then I saw the fish tanks for myself and saw how clean it was. My worries disappeared! So I knew that the restaurant would be packed and saw online that they took reservations and so I called ahead to make a reservation for us. What a good call! When we got there, the place was packed and the line was practically out the door. Imagine the looks we got as we walked to the front of the line and said we had a reservation and were seated right away.

sizzling steak

The first dish to come out was the sizzling steak dish. Not too sure what makes it sizzle, the extremely  hot black rock? So usually at a chinese restaurant, they offer you chopsticks. I didn’t realize that Chinese people eat their rice with chopsticks too. Have you ever attempted such a feat? Their rice doesn’t stick together like Japanese rice and Korean rice. Anywho, trying to eat the steaks with chopsticks was a bit of a task. Luckily, I spotted their silverware drawer and ransacked it for all the forks and knives I could hold in one hand.

Lobster in ginger and scallion sauce

Since this place is known for their seafood, i mean it’s in the name, we got the creme de la creme of the ocean, Lobster! They brought out 2 huge lobsters which were boiled and then cooked in a ginger and scallion sauce. I wish they had brought out one of those seafood shell cracker-thing-a-ma-jiggys cuz it would’ve helped to eat some of the smaller pieces. But overall, the lobster was cooked fine and the sauce was good.

Seafood Treasure Nest

My mom insisted on getting the seafood treasure nest. Scallop, shrimp and calamari inside a taro pastry shell with a light sauce. I really liked the contrast in texture between the shrimp/scallop versus the taro pastry.  Can you tell I was a huge fan of the taro pastry shell?

Fried tofu with shrimp on top

We were trying to decide between the fried tofu and the stuffed tofu and the waittress told us that the fried tofu was better. It came out with shrimp on top. Yum! I wasn’t a huge fan of the

pan fried noodles with beef

We were looking for a carb dish for our feast and it was down to noodle vs fried rice. We decided to go with the noodles but weren’t in the mood for the thick rice noodle and went with the pan fried noodles. I love how the heat from the beef and sauce soften the crispy fried noodles. It was really delicious and complemented the rest of our meal perfectly.


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Shawsheen Luncheonette in Andover, MA

Shawsheen Luncheonette
3 Lowell St.
Andover, MA


When you walk in, you notice right away the tie-dye decor everywhere including the waittress’s shirts. I’ve driven by this place a million times on my way to 495, but I’ve never eaten here until now! Parking was definitely not easy because the restaurant is located at the intersection of 28 and 133, so there are a few street parking spots and we were lucky enough to grab one.

chocolate chip pancake

Andrew had the chocolate chip pancakes. These things are huge! Nothing too out of the ordinary. as soon as this came out we slathered it in butter and syrup and inhaled it! Joe usually loves to salty then sweet, but I like to go back and forth so we ate half of the chocolate chip pancakes first. They were sweet and fluffy.  I liked that the chocolate chip flavor was not overbearing in the dish, just the right balance between pancake and chocolate.

bacon and cheese omelette

For our salty dish, I was torn between the corn hash which is what they are known for and getting something with eggs…..In the end, eggs won. Corn hash is really a hit or miss for me, only one place has ever impressed me. So we went with the bacon and cheese omelette which was just OK. what really stood out was the hash brown! they were crispy and yummy.

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India House in Northampton, MA

India House
45 State St.
Northampton, MA

The front door

We came here not for the ostentatious pink-orange decor of the outside but because it came highly recommended from some residents we work with. They told us of an especially sassy waittress who may be the daughter of the owners. When we dined here though, I’m pretty sure the Mrs. of the business was the one who seated us but we did not have the pleasure of Ms. Sassy.  Our group sat down and began to pour over the menu. It was a little pricey.

chicken tandoori

The chicken tandoori is a traditional Indian dish cooked in a clay oven (aka tandoor) and marinated in yogurt and masala spices. It varies from restaurant to restaurant, some restaurants add chili peppers to give it an extra red color. This smelled delicious coming to the table.

chicken tikka masala

A bunch of us got tikka masala. One person in our group ordered the lamb tikka masala and asked our Indian matriarch-like hostess to do her worse and bring out the spiciest dish she could manage. He wasn’t impressed. I ordered my chicken tikka masala mild because my tongue was still reeling from the spiciest chicken tikka masal from Pintus. Chicken tikka is a boneless cubed chicken meat and the masala sauce is a creamy, spicy sauce. This is a nice dish for those new to Indian cuisine. But for me, it’s an oldie but goodie. I can still remember the first time I was introduced to Indian food in college and I’m still partial to my chicken tikka masala.

Other restaurants I visited in this area:
Bottega Cucina (Italian)
El Caribeno (Puerto Rico)
Gohyang (Korean)
Herrell’s (ice cream!)
The Brewery (American)

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