Hankook Tofu House in Sacramento, CA

Hankook Tofu House
9521 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA









Aura Korean and Japanese Restaurant in Sacramento

Aura Korean and Japanese Restaurant 
1401 G St.
Sacramento, CA



This is one of the newer Korean restaurants in town. The majority of the good places are on Folsom St, in the 5900-6600 block. I was a little apprehensive about trying out a Korean restaurant in midtown as the other places turned out to be a bust. I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been here a few times, once with a bunch of co-residents and another time with just a few peeps. My friend got the bibimbap in a stone bowl, a mix of rice, vegetables and beef. It is prepared on a stovetop, allowing the bottom layer of the rice to get crunchy.

korean fried chicken

korean fried chicken

I like to taste korean fried chicken at various restaurants, comparing them to my beloved Bonchon. This fried chicken crunchiness was good, but the sauce was a little too much and a little too sweet. But that didn’t stop my group of friends from enjoying this dish.

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Ramen & Rice in Sacramento, CA

Ramen & Rice
807 Howe Ave.
Sacramento, CA

dolsot bibimbap

I came here with some friends after a long day filled with wall-climbing, rope-walking and tons of other fun at Peak Adventures on Sacramento State Campus. This restaurant has been on my radar because it’s a ramen place near where I live. A few of my friends got the dolsot bibimbap which is a hot stone bowl that sizzles rice which is topped with a combination of Korean vegetables and their choice of meat.  The crunchy rice at the bottom is my favorite part of this dish. I noticed my friends kept adding hot sauce to their dishes. I asked them how it was, and they both said it was bland.

bulgogi rice bowl

Another friend got the bulgogi rice bowl which he inhaled. Bulgogi is one of those Korean recipes handed down from generation to generation. I’ve noticed that almost every Korean household has their own version of this recipe. Also, no one has an exact recipe. I’ve noticed that most Korean women don’t really measure any ingredients, they just throw stuff in.  And everybody believes that their mom’s recipe is the best. For me, it’s all about the quality of the meat. The fresher the meat, the better it tastes.


I was having a hard time selecting one type of ramen to eat, and since this was a Korean restaurant, I decided to go with the jambbong dish. It’s a seafood noodle dish in a spicy broth. I missed having Joe with me, he usually eats everything I don’t. The noodles were cooked well, and the spicy broth was pretty hot! I started sweating into my bowl which is not sexy. I wish that there had been more shrimp in my bowl but aside from that, it was a decent bowl of noodles.

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Oz Korean BBQ in Sacramento, CA

Oz Korean BBQ
3343 Bradshaw Rd
Sacramento, CA

awesome menu

I was in the mood for Korean BBQ and saw a few places for KBBQ but we’d been asking around local Korean ppl for the best korean BBQ and directed us here. When we sat down, I was a little surprised to find out that this was not only cook at your own table, but all you can eat! They bring out the plates 3 at a time (only 3 dishes on the table at any time) and you grill it right in front of you. Don’t be suckas like us and order the Korean lettuce side dish though, cuz they charge you per plate they bring out.

Korean BBQ

The meat quality was pretty good. They bring out an assortment of vegetables to grill as well (but our green peppers had like mold on it! gross!). So I wouldn’t come here for veggies, but if you’re coming to Korean BBQ place for veggies, something’s wrong! Overall, this would be a great place to come to celebrate with a group. The tables are huge and the drinks are pretty cheap (esp if u get a pitcher).

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Pine Tree House (Korean restaurant) in Sacramento, CA

Pine Tree House
9205 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA

side dishes

Our journey for finding good Korean food in Sacramento continued at Pine Tree House which was pretty packed for a weekday night. We got the last free table in the restaurant. The service here was really friendly, my dad complained that the beer he had ordered (and half drank) was not that cold and so they brought out a new one for free (unfortunately, that one wasn’t very cold either but at least they tried). I got the yook-ghe-jang which is spicy Korean beef stew. I really enjoyed it. Hit the spot! Have you ever noticed that Korean people will insist on ordering really hot food even when it’s like triple digit weather? I couldn’t believe my parents wanted to order hot stews but my mom said it’s cuz, you’re already sweating from the weather so you might as well eat hot food and continue sweating. Gross! But whatever, we discovered another yummy Korean restaurant!

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Modurang (Korean Restaurant) in Sacramento, CA

9545 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA

korean food

My parents and I were trying to find a Korean restaurant with all around good food. My mom swears you can tell the quality of the Korean restaurant by the quality of the free side dishes that come out (and whether or not ppl will charge you for kimchi). It’s like trying to charge you for breathing air. Anywho, this place had really good side dishes and the lady working here was very quick about refilling any empty small dishes.

Korean fried chicken

I decided to go with the most famous dish here, the Korean fried chicken. It took a while so I would recommend ordering this dish like as soon as you sit down. Since I waited so long for my dish to come out, I nibbled on my parent’s soup dishes which were pretty good. I ended up taking most of the chicken home cuz the portion was huge.  The batter is pretty thick but the marinade was really good. I just wasn’t a fan of the huge chunky batter. I would definitely come back here.

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Nak Goong (Four Seasons) in Sacramento, CA

Nak Goong
9679 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA


So my parents and I were looking for the best jajangmyun in Sacramento because I love jajangmyun, it’s been a life-long affair. And so, moving to a new town I had to set my priorities straight and look for the best bowl of jajangmyun in town. We checked out Korea House which turned out to be a bust but luckily Korean ppl are willing to help each other out (as long as they don’t lose academically) and the lady recommended Nak Goong to us. Probably not a smart move financially, but it was awfully nice of her because if she hadn’t mentioned it we may never have discovered this hidden gem (literally hidden in a plaza and not easily seen from the street). Service was very quick and friendly and OMG, I could eat the jajangmyun here all freaking day long. Can’t wait until after my wedding so I can gorge in carbs once again. Until then, I will be dreaming about this jajangmyun.

Madangsui Korean BBQ in New York, NY

Madangsui Korean BBQ
35 W 35th St
New York, NY 10001


We stopped by this Korean BBQ joint in NY as our last stop. We love Korean  BBQ and we will always make time for it on our trips, no matter how smelly our clothes will end up. Note to people new to Korean BBQ: don’t wear nice clothes to Korean BBQ because it will be an olfactory reminder of what you had for dinner the night before.

beef brisket

We started off with the thinly sliced beef brisket, non-marinated. This is one of our favorite dishes to order. You can really tell the quality of the meats that come out from how fresh tasting it is without any marinade to mask the flavor. Our favorite dipping sauce for this is a mix of sesame seed oil with salt and black pepper.


Next we got the un-marinated galbi which is Korean beef ribs. If Korean BBQ had a main attraction, it would be galbi. Especially, L.A. galbi which has now moved into its own category of grilled meats, outshining even the motherland’s version of galbi.


We couldn’t leave without trying the bulgogi here, which is marinated Korean beef ribeye. The marinade consists of soy sauce, sugar and a few other ingredients (I like to keep y’all guessing). This dish always reminds me of my childhood and eating bulgogi for dinner every night with rice and other korean side dishes wishing I could eat something that the other white kids were eating for dinner like chicken and mashed potatoes. Now that I’m a young adult, fending for myself for meals, I’m wishing for the rice and bulgogi. Funny how life happens like that, huh? Any who, bulgogi is one of my favorite dishes and this one was pretty good.
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Dasiwa in Philadelphia, PA

735 N 26th st.
Philadelphia, PA

the entrance


our dinner

Because there was a huge party dining at the same time as us, the restaurant offered us a free roll, the Emerald city roll. It had eel, avocado and unagi sauce. The other roll we had was the firecracker roll, spicy yellowtail roll topped with spicy tuna.

salmon sashimi

Joe was craving some salmon sashimi so we got one order.

2 specialty rolls

The 2 specialty rolls we got were volcano roll and dasiwaki roll. The volcano roll had soft shell crab tempura, topped with salmon and roe. The dasiwaki roll had shrimp tempura topped with salmon, mango, avocado and unagi sauce.

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