Shaz Restaurant in Sacramento, CA

Shaz Restaurant
4333 Airport Dr
Sacramento, CA 95821


meat side of buffet

Seeing as Joe is moving to Sacramento soon, he told me to get my Indian food cravings out of my system before he gets here. So I took his words to heart and went out for Indian food with a galpal. This awesome place offers lunch buffet 7 days a week and so we went to check it out on a Sunday. Good news! Only Indian and Middle Easterners were eating here! Yes!!! That’s a good sign!

vegetarian side of buffet

The vegetarian entrees were a bit more appealing visually compared to the meat side but the meat side had more options (some of them were covered up by the serving bins). They bring naan fresh to your table and there is also a side bar for all your sauce needs.

my very carnivorous plate

I went with the meats and was very pleased with the seasonings of the chicken tikka masala, my favorite Indian dish. I just happened to be dining with an Indian friend who gave this place her stamp of approval. Nice!

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Bombay Pizza Co in Houston, TX

Bombay Pizza Co
914 Main St.
Houston, Tx


We came here for dinner cuz of the great reviews. And someone had the genius idea of combining two of my favorite things: Indian food and pizza. Amazing! And not only did they combine the two, they do it well! The pizza is a thin crust and the toppings are flavorful. You can also opt to have the Indian spice upped!!

1/2 and 1/2

One topping we got the Gateway of India which had Tandoori chicken, crabmeat, Artichoke hearts, provolone, mozarella on cilantro mint chutney with fresh cilantro on top. This had a strong Indian spice flavor. This was on food network!

Gateway of India

The second topping we got was the Sergio pizza which had Indian spiced New York strip steak with Pico de Gallo, Mozarella and Monterey Jack with sour cream on top. This was my favorite topping. I loved it! The sour cream really helped to lighten up the steak.



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India House in Northampton, MA

India House
45 State St.
Northampton, MA

The front door

We came here not for the ostentatious pink-orange decor of the outside but because it came highly recommended from some residents we work with. They told us of an especially sassy waittress who may be the daughter of the owners. When we dined here though, I’m pretty sure the Mrs. of the business was the one who seated us but we did not have the pleasure of Ms. Sassy.  Our group sat down and began to pour over the menu. It was a little pricey.

chicken tandoori

The chicken tandoori is a traditional Indian dish cooked in a clay oven (aka tandoor) and marinated in yogurt and masala spices. It varies from restaurant to restaurant, some restaurants add chili peppers to give it an extra red color. This smelled delicious coming to the table.

chicken tikka masala

A bunch of us got tikka masala. One person in our group ordered the lamb tikka masala and asked our Indian matriarch-like hostess to do her worse and bring out the spiciest dish she could manage. He wasn’t impressed. I ordered my chicken tikka masala mild because my tongue was still reeling from the spiciest chicken tikka masal from Pintus. Chicken tikka is a boneless cubed chicken meat and the masala sauce is a creamy, spicy sauce. This is a nice dish for those new to Indian cuisine. But for me, it’s an oldie but goodie. I can still remember the first time I was introduced to Indian food in college and I’m still partial to my chicken tikka masala.

Other restaurants I visited in this area:
Bottega Cucina (Italian)
El Caribeno (Puerto Rico)
Gohyang (Korean)
Herrell’s (ice cream!)
The Brewery (American)

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Taste of India in Philadelphia, PA

Taste of India
297 East Swedesford Road
Wayne, PA 19087


buffet 2

We came here because it was the only Indian buffet in town and the reviews online were dececnt. Definite kudos for the mango lassi drink that is included with each buffet. The buffet, I would say had a good split between veggies and meat, but the meats were split between chicken and goat.

the tandoori platter

Our plates were pretty big and the foods were spicy and flavorful.

plate 1



plate 2

I was quite disappoinnted with plate #2, i loved the spices on the chicken tikka masala so I got a whole plate of it for my 2nd dish but they must have restocked in between my dishes because this entire plate, the chicken was tad undercooked! I was having difficulty cutting it with my knife becase parts were uncooked.

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Tiffin Indian Cuisine in Philadelphia, PA

710 W Girard Ave.
Philadelphia, PA

vegetable samosa

This Indian restaurant has been on my list forever! I was excited to finally have the chance to eat this food (obviously we had the food to go). we started off the night with veggies samosas, I was surprised that the vegetables inside had been mashed to a thick paste. Still tasty though.

garlic naan

No Indian meal is complete without naan, and I decided to go with garlic naan. The naan was fluffy and light and very flavorful.

Basmati rice

I think we have all heard me sing praises of this simple yet hearty dish, the basmati rice. How I love thee, basmati rice.

chicken tikka masala

Of course we got the chicken tikka masala. I love the creamy tomato based sauce, we went with the spicy hotness level and we were sweating while eating this!!  The white chicken meat pieces were huge and plentiful and went well with the tasty sauce.

lamb saag

I was not as impressed with the lamb saag (I know, I know, I always order these 2 dishes at Indian restaurants. I know I need to expand, blah blah blah). There weren’t as many pieces of lamb meat as I would have liked and the usual rich spinach flavor did not come through on this dish.

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Guru the Caterer in Somerville, MA

Guru the Caterer
1297 Broadway
Somerville, MA

the front

I was having a hankering for Indian food but didn’t want to deal with the crazy boston lunch rush. This place opened at 11 AM, so while in my pajamas at 11:10 AM, I called this place from my bed in Andover to place an order for take out (should take like 20-30 min which is about the time it will take for my commute). When I called to place my order, the guy on the phone said “10 minutes.” I thought “CRAP!” and jumped out of bed and got ready so fast and yet I was still 20 minutes late to pick up my food. The awesome thing was that my food was waiting for me on a heater and so when I finally got my food home, it was still warm.When I got to this location, I could see why this is a take out location, there were only 2 tables!

chicken tikka masala

This chicken tikka masala lived up to its hype. This was one of the best I’ve ever had. It came with a side of aloo methi (potatoes with fenagreek leaves and spices).

sloo methi

the flavor of the aloo methi was actually too strong for me


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the filling was the kind where they mash up everything and then put it inside the dough. I prefer the other way where you can tell what is what.

Saffron Indian Cuisine in Orlando, FL

Saffron Indian Cuisine
7724 West Sand Lake Rd.
Orlando, FL


I already loved this place before we walked in because they were the only restaurant open on Thanksgiving day outside of Disney World. Joe wasn’t too thrilled with the aspect of eating inside an Indian restaurant so we ordered our lunch combos to go. But when we arrived to pick up our food, Joe didn’t want to bring it back to our hotel room because the Indian food smell would linger there. So we ended up eating at the only outdoor table we could find in this shopping plaza in front of a Panera which was closed. I apologize to the countless number of drivers who thought Panera was open cuz we were sitting out front, parked in front of Panera and then walked up to the door only to find it closed.

basmati rice!

There were options for super spicy so I got a super spicy chicken tikka masala. It was creamy and delicious! When Joe took a bite, he choked on how spicy it was. He then drank all of our water….But he did agree that this was really yummy. The rice was fluffy and hot.

Chicken tikka masala

My chicken tikka masala was so good that I poured my rice into the plastic bowl to insure that I could soak up every last bit of the sauce. Joe’s lamb vindaloo was a bit tougher to chew and it was a different type of spicy, more like a smokey hot spicy.

Lamb vindaloo

Gajar Halva or Haajar Halwa

This is a sweet carrot pudding desert. It’s made with little shredded pieces of carrot, sweet milk, cream, sugar with little slivers of almonds. It was soooooooo creamy and  delicious.

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Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine in Metairie, LA

Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine
923 Metairie Road
Metairie, LA

This is the sister restaurant to Nirvana Indian cuisine in New Orleans. same owner.

garlic naan

garlic naan is one of my favorite dishes. the concept is so simple but the flavors really pop.

chicken saag

the chicken saag is a spinach based sauce. this isn’t one of the greatest saags I’ve ever had, but for the New Orleans area, it’s ok (which is the exact same review I gave of Nirvana in New Orleans).

chicken tikka masala

chicken tikka masala is my absolute favorite Indian dish but I realize that the Americanized version is completely out of what with the authentic version of this dish. Gordom Ramsay described it in the F Word, his new tv series where he goes to foreign countries and learns how to make authentic dishes that haven’t been tainted by the  western palette.

basmati rice

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Curry Corner in New Orleans- CLOSED

Curry Corner
1200 South Carrollton Avenue
New Orleans, LA

I can sum up my visit in one word: YUCK! I only came here because I had a groupon….Definitely not coming back here.

The place is interesting because it’s a grocery store and south asian buffet. But you get charged by the weight of your plate which was interesting because they don’t tell you how much they charge per unit of weight and there’s no scale so you have no idea how much you’re taking. The chicken was super dry and yet it was in sauce so I was pretty perplexed at how that could happen. The samosa was just ok.

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