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Julia and Joe

Julia is originally from Boston and Joe is originally from Houston. We both went to college and met in the highly underrated foodie city of Philadelphia. We started this food blog while Julia was attending Tulane medical school in New Orleans. Julia has always taken pictures of food not so much for the memories, but because she really liked to see how creative different chefs get with presentation. When Joe realized Julia was amassing quite the collection of photos with no proper outlet besides the occasional Facebook photo album, he decided to start this blog to keep track of which pictures came from which restaurants. Julia also decided to write a little summary on our dining experience so that we could remember whether to dine again or run in the opposite direction.

We hope you enjoy reading these entries as much as we’ve had creating them!!

feel free to contact us at
Joe@foodographer.net OR Julia@foodographer.net

Check out this promo video we made for a Whole Foods competition. We didn’t win, but why waste the effort?

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