Bandera in Sacramento, CA

2232 Fair Oaks Blvd
Sacramento, CA

cornbread skillet
kettle chips with blue cheese
prime rib french dip sandwich
banana cream pie



A group of 4 of us came here for an improptu dinner (made a reservation on moments before arriving) and the hostess greeted us and seated us right away.
We started off with the cornbread skillet and house-made kettle chips with blue cheese. The cornbread skillet was moist, and crunchy on top. The kettle chips weren’t really all that special but I really just wanted some blue cheese.
I got the cheeseburger and my husband got the prime rib french dip sandwich. We were fighting to eat his dish. The cheeseburger was alright, but it paled in comparison to the prime rib french dip sandwich which was juicy and flavorful and messy to eat (but I feel like most good foods are).
For dessert, we had the banana cream pie which was divine. Probably would need to hit the gym for an extra hour for this meal, but well worth it! Would gladly return for a special occasion, it looks like this place mostly caters to the elderly. Not too many youngsters in the place.




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