Hook & Ladder in Sacramento, CA

Hook & Ladder
1630 S St.
Sacramento, CA

avocado hummus

bucatini with sausage


honey meringue

peppermint chocolate mousse



This is our go-to bar! We love the non-alcoholic ginger beer as well as their other mixed drinks. You can tell that this is the kind of place where customer service is of the utmost importance to them. We had arrived for happy hour at 4 PM but were having so much fun that we were still there at 7, when the hostess came over to ask us to switch tables because someone had reserved this specific table we were sitting at. We didn’t really care since we were done eating and were mostly just chatting and drinking at this point, so we moved to the patio (where the outdoor heaters weren’t working!). We complained to the hostess and she came out drink vouchers for each of us, we could get any drink on the house! Sweet!

So what do I usually order when we come here?

I love their hummus! One time it was a beet hummus and this time, it was avocado hummus. Some brilliant genius in the kitchen has been toying with my taste buds! Now I have to order the hummus every time I come here, waiting to be surprised for what the next variation will be.

My husband had the bucatini with sausage, which was pretty average. He didn’t think it was special.

I got the cheeseburger which was pretty good, but nothing spectacular either. I think their strengths are in their smaller dishes/appetizers.

For dessert we had the honey meringue which was just heavenly!




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