Zen Toro Sushi in Davis, CA

Zen Toro
132 E St.
Davis, CA


fried tofu

citrus breeze roll

salmon sashimi

fried soft shell crab

Joe and I came here for dinner since we were looking for a place to eat in downtown Davis. I love downtown Davis, it reminds me of hipster college towns. I would love to walk around this area on a free evening, kind of like Rory and Lorelai walking around downtown Star’s Hollow, except Davis has more than 3 dining options. We sat down and it was super crowded. We saw a ton of Asians eating here, a good sign! Especially older Asian folks, who don’t go out to eat that often, and only want to go out to eat at good places. We started off with the fried tofu appetizer, I would pay handsomely for this recipe. Our rolls were pretty good and the sashimi was pretty good quality. Joe is usually more discerning when it comes to freshness of salmon and he was a fan, too.

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