Freeport Bakery in Sacramento, CA

Freeport Bakery
2966 Freeport Blvd
Sacramento, CA

strawberry champagne cake

A Peds resident and I came here for dessert as one of our fellow Peds intern, who grew up in the area and went to UC Davis for undergrad and med school, raved about this place. And you know me, I like to end my meals on a sweet note no matter how far I have to drive. Driving here wasn’t that bad, but parking in the area was not easy (there were like 5 angled parking spots along one side of the bakery). Once I had parked, I was able to walk through the outside eating area (quaint) and walk inside. It was a little confusing as there were 2 doors, and the only thing on my mind was cake. After being 0 for 1, I got through the correct left side door and was able to gawk at all the delicious looking flavors of cake with the only thing between me and them was a glass window. I chose the strawberry and champagne cake, since I had just chosen this cake for my wedding cake. Unfortunately for them, my wedding cake tasted better but this was a close 2nd place and a great option for baked goods nearby. My friend, the same aforementioned friend, brought one of their salted caramel cakes to my New Orleans themed dinner party and oh dear God did we feast on that thing like there was no tomorrow! I will definitely be going back for more yummy baked items!

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