Four Seasons Gourmet Chinese food in Davis, CA

Four Seasons Gourmet Chinese Food
1601 Research Park Dr.
Davis, CA

shrimp dim sum


shrimp with long rice noodle

salt and pepper fried fish


sesame seed balls

After scrolling through these photos, you’re probably thinking, damn! that looks pretty yummy! Guess what! This all came out of a gas station! I kid you not! My husband and I were driving around Davis after checking out a Korean church and he said, let’s grab lunch before we go back to Sacramento. I figured, sure! why not! Davis is known for pretty good food. Well imagine my surprise when my loving husband pulls into a gas station parking lot, I was like, you idiot, if you need gas pull up next to one of the pumping stations. But he said, nope, this is lunch. I was like in shock as I walked into the left side of the gas station and realized that there were 4 tables and a chinese menu on the wall. My first thought once this settled in was, “WHAT THE DAMN HELL?! IS THIS  A SICK JOKE?!” How hygienic can this be? They don’t even have a wall separating the gas station from the chinese restaurant.

Once I accepted the fact that my lunch would be coming out of a gas station, we decided to go with the most popular dishes on yelp plus a few of my favorite dim sum dishes since it was a Sunday, and I was hungry.  Out of all the dishes we ate, the salt and pepper fried fish was by far the best. The batter was crispy and savory and the fish was well coplemented by the saltiness of the batter. The dimsum dishes weren’t anything special and we got the sesame seed balls cuz I like to end my meals on a sweet note. Now every time we drive by this gas station on our way out from Davis, Joe asks me with a smirk on his face, “dinner?”


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