Crepeville in Sacramento, CA

1730 L St.
Sacramento, CA

Florentine crepe

My friend had gotten the breakfast crepe with eggs, cheddar, broccoli and onion with a side of potatoes. She said that she had been coming here for years and really likes the place. Parking in the area was not great as there are only a limited number of spots in midtown. Overall though, I liked the ambiance, it’s like a cute little bistro. The chalkboard menu reminded me of New Orleans.

created my own crepes

I created my own crepe with scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, chicken apple sausage, onions and mushrooms. As you can clearly see, they forgot the scrambled egg. Normally I wouldn’t be bothered but seeing as how I paid an additional $1 for my crepe masterpiece to have scrambled egg, you could see how i would get pissed. Everything else tasted pretty good but don’t know if that’s a good sign that they couldn’t get my order right. I’m sure countless people order off the menu and create crepes all the time.

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