Boon Boon Cafe in Sacramento, CA

Boon Boon Cafe
3022 Stockton Blvd.
Sacramento, CA

A friend and I came here for dinner after studying at the UC Davis med school library. It was actually kinda perfect, I had a craving for noodles and this place was so close. So the location is kinda sketch and there is parking in the back, but I probably wouldn’t walk here. Sad isnt it? I’m scared to walk around certain areas surrounding the hospital I work at? No big deal.

fried tofu appetizer

Lame! So I saw that they have a happy hour and I wanted to order an appetizer but in order to enjoy the appetizers half off, you need to order a drink. We looked through the drink menu (but we had plans to study after dinner) and decided that it was just cheaper to order the regular priced appetizer. I was glad we got this. It was pretty good and crunchy but little lacking in flavor unless you dipped it in the sauce.

pad thai

The pad thai was decent. I asked for thai hot and got disappointed. I was adding sriracha sauce to my noodles. The noodle consistency was similar to ramen. The flavors weren’t really authentic thai. But overall, I liked the dish enough to probably come back. Oh me and my one way love of carbs! can’t wait for the wedding to be over with so I can go back to my carbophile ways.

eggplant and tofu

My friend had the eggplant and tofu dish which came with a mountain of white rice. I tried a bite of hers and it was more spicy than my dish! It had this incredible heat to it! I know what I’m ordering next time for spicy! the portion size here is humongous! I had enough for leftovers for 2 more meals! My friend also had a ton of leftovers too.
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