Chando’s taco in Sacramento, CA

Chando’s taco
863 Arden Way
Sacramento, CA 95815

the front window

I came here for dinner with a friend after I was craving authentic Mexican food. This restaurant has a food truck that comes out from time to time but I just wanted a taco and was willing to drive out here. Location isn’t great and parking is in the back. After finally finding a parking spot, I walked outside and to the front window to check out my choices.

taco special

I got a combination of 3 tacos with a Horchata which is known as the Chando’s special (they charge an extra 50 cents for the horchata). I got the carne asada, carnitas and chicken. I was hesitant about the chicken cuz it’s usually dry and bland as hell but I thought why not? At least the carne asada and carnitas were both pretty good. Overall, I liked the tacos and can’t wait to bring Joe out here. Or maybe we’ll find where the taco truck is next time.

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