Tokyo Fro’s in Sacramento, CA

Tokyo Fro’s
2224 Fair Oaks Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95825

apple martini

A friend and I came here for their happy hour, it was surprisingly empty for a Friday afternoon. The drink menu is pretty nice, we got nice mixed drinks for $8 each. My apple martini was pretty sweet (but have you ever had one that isnt? I like this fruity drink cuz it’s on the girly side and I was in a girly mood).

Japanese fried chicken

JFC just doesnt sound as appealing as KFC (Korean Fried Chicken of course!) But since it was happy hour and since it was a Friday, I decided, go big or go home! (which is pretty funny considering that this place is like down the street from where I live).  Anywho, back to the point, the waittress offered us Japanese fried chicken and we said yes! It was little chunks of white meat. A bit on the dry side and the batter had little flavor but the texture was nice and crunchy.

Da OG roll and Badass roll

The badass roll has tempura prawn and cucumber (the further back one) topped with maguro and spicy mayo. The Da OG roll has tempura prawn and is topped with 5 different types of fishes (the one in the front). I really like Da OG roll, the fish was quite fresh. The badass roll was a bit on the borin side, but still yummy.

G-spot roll and

The G-spot roll (the front one) has tempura prawn, spicy tuna, cream cheese and jalapenos and then deep fried, The Coach T finger roll (the one in the back) has tempura prawn and avocado topped with fresh albacore with spicy mayo and sweet soy sauce. The G-spot roll had a crazy amount of rice! Beware those of you counting carbs cuz this roll is not for you. It tasted great though, I’m down for anything deep fried. I will probably become a regular here cuz of the awesome happy hour deals.

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