Opa Opa in Sacramento, CA

Opa Opa
5644 J St.
Sacramento, CA


I’ve driven by this place numerous times but have never been able to stop by cuz I’v never seen a parking spot until today! I asked the cashier about the parking situation and she told me we can park in the neighboring lot after 6 pm! sweet! When I stepped in, the first thing I noticed was this wall of awards! No wonder I can never find a parking spot here!

Opa Opa salad

Mixed green salad with crispy cucumbers, marinated onions, feta cheese and gyro meat! I decided to go with a typical Greek salad but really wanted to sample the Gyro meat. Gyro meat is lamb meat placed on a spit and then rotated in front of  a heat source. The fat in the meat keeps it moist and usually is served as thin slices. Yum!! I really liked the salad, wished the feta cheese had a bit more oomph to it but that’s just my personal preferences.

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