The Dumpling House in Davis, CA

The Dumpling House
129 E St.
Davis, CA

cute sign

Our program director (who is Chinese) mentioned that this place has amazing hand made dumplings. So since we were in the area, we decided to have lunch here. Parking was surprisingly easy considering it was Davis downtown (near where the Farmer’s market is).

5 spice fried chicken

On yelp, this chicken dish got amazing reviews so we checked it out. It was pretty good. It was white chicken meat, lightly breaded and deep fried. And then tossed in a Chinese 5 spice mix. They were surprisingly good. (when is deep fried chicken not good?)

pork and chive dumplings

We were trying to figure out which dumplings to get and the cutest lil ol Chinese grandma (aka the waittress) came up to us and started to tell us about how fried dumplings are called “pot-stickers” and boiled dumplings are called “dumplings.” We asked her for her favorite type (cuz there were so freaking many) and we went with the pork and chive dumplings. They were pretty good for hand-made dumplings ( I could see into the next room and saw a Chinese woman working away at it). There is also an option to order a batch of frozen hand made dumplings (to cook at home), but 1 order of frozen dumplings is like $19 and 1 order of those same dumplings cooked to order is $7. Whoa! So I definitely won’t be ordering any frozen dumplings, but I may definitely come back when I’m in the mood for good dumplings.

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  1. The kimchi dumplings are THE BEST there. Pork chives one is my second fav. 🙂

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