Thai Chef’s House in Sacramento, CA

Thai Chef’s House
2851 Fulton Ave
Sacramento, CA 95821


pad thai

I had a huge craving for pad thai and I have pretty high standards for my rice noodles (noodles that stick together but is not mushy). This place was reviewed as  the #1 spot in Sacramento and when I saw their menu online, I was pretty excited to see the different levels of spiciness. Of course, I ordered the Thai hot spiciness. Whoa! This place definitely delivered on the spicy level, I usually pride myself on handling spicy food but this pad thai turned my lips numb and any time I slurped the noodle and some sauce got on my face, immediate pain in my skin! The noodles weren’t great, they were like spaghetti pasta! Very starchy. That’s the last thing your mouth/tongue/face wants, when its dying a slow and painful death by thai chili spiciness………..noodles that won’t cooperate! I felt like I had to really grind my teeth together to get the noodles to break, by which, my tongue and lips were in agony and begging for mercy. I was pretty disappointed with the noodles and the dish as a whole. With the heat level this high, I couldn’t really appreciate any of the other complex flavors that go into pad thai (even tho it’s a street food in Thailand, it’s still got complexity that works). I may go back to try the curry or something but probably won’t try another noodle dish. Ehh, who are we kidding, this place is at the upper limits of the 20 minute radius from my apt, so I probably won’t go back. It’s funny, cuz when I used to live in Boston, I remember driving quite the distance for food (one time, we drove from Philly to Annandale, VA for korean fried chicken), but after living in Nola, if it’s not within 10 minute drive, I probably won’t bother. Hmmm, I wonder if this is the problem underlying our nation’s obesity problem……….whoops!

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