Mix Downtown in Sacramento, CA

Mix Downtown
1525 L St
Sacramento, CA

A couple of fellow interns and I came here for happy hour. Supposedly, later at night, this place gets super packed (like a club). I can totally picture that. The ambiance is very nice and bourg-y. We wandered up to the roof because the weather was so nice. Even though it was kinda crowded on the roof, other groups’s presence didn’t really affect us.


We started off with a few different pitchers of drinks, my favorite was the  Dragon Berry lemonade (we sampled them all plus got a drink no longer on the menu called the Brazilian Kiss). Our table kept getting drinks and dishes we didn’t order and the waittress would come over and discover the mistake and say it was on the house. I felt kinda bad for her, cuz that was a lot of mistakes. The Brazilian kiss was my favorite mistake.

ahi tuna tacos

even though we were here for happy hour, I needed to eat dinner. I went with the ahi tuna served on a taco shell made of soy chips and covered in a wasabi sauce. During happy hour, all the appetizers are half off.

korean beef skewer

my friend ordered the Korean beef skewers which came out with a massive mountain of kimchi. I tried a bite and didn’t find any particularly Korean flavor about the tri-tips, they just kinda tasted like regular steak tips. I didn’t really bother with the kimchi.

honey pecan shrimp

This reminds me of that Chinese-American dish, honey walnuts with shrimp. The shrimp is deep fried in a thick batter, and covered in a savory cream and toasted pecans. I really liked this dish a lot.

garden veggie pizza

Another friend ordered the garden veggie pizza which was alright. We were confused at first because a regular salad had come out and her pizza was taking a while. We were finally able to get our waittress’s attn to ask her about the mystery salad and she said the pizza was on the way and she didn’t know why we had the salad. Overall, I loved being on the roof deck, the drinks were good and food was ok, and the service was ok considering that we weren’t really in the eye-line of the waittress and she did her best to check up on us whenever she could.

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