Oz Korean BBQ in Sacramento, CA

Oz Korean BBQ
3343 Bradshaw Rd
Sacramento, CA

awesome menu

I was in the mood for Korean BBQ and saw a few places for KBBQ but we’d been asking around local Korean ppl for the best korean BBQ and directed us here. When we sat down, I was a little surprised to find out that this was not only cook at your own table, but all you can eat! They bring out the plates 3 at a time (only 3 dishes on the table at any time) and you grill it right in front of you. Don’t be suckas like us and order the Korean lettuce side dish though, cuz they charge you per plate they bring out.

Korean BBQ

The meat quality was pretty good. They bring out an assortment of vegetables to grill as well (but our green peppers had like mold on it! gross!). So I wouldn’t come here for veggies, but if you’re coming to Korean BBQ place for veggies, something’s wrong! Overall, this would be a great place to come to celebrate with a group. The tables are huge and the drinks are pretty cheap (esp if u get a pitcher).

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