Modurang (Korean Restaurant) in Sacramento, CA

9545 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA

korean food

My parents and I were trying to find a Korean restaurant with all around good food. My mom swears you can tell the quality of the Korean restaurant by the quality of the free side dishes that come out (and whether or not ppl will charge you for kimchi). It’s like trying to charge you for breathing air. Anywho, this place had really good side dishes and the lady working here was very quick about refilling any empty small dishes.

Korean fried chicken

I decided to go with the most famous dish here, the Korean fried chicken. It took a while so I would recommend ordering this dish like as soon as you sit down. Since I waited so long for my dish to come out, I nibbled on my parent’s soup dishes which were pretty good. I ended up taking most of the chicken home cuz the portion was huge.  The batter is pretty thick but the marinade was really good. I just wasn’t a fan of the huge chunky batter. I would definitely come back here.

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