Shaz Restaurant in Sacramento, CA

Shaz Restaurant
4333 Airport Dr
Sacramento, CA 95821


meat side of buffet

Seeing as Joe is moving to Sacramento soon, he told me to get my Indian food cravings out of my system before he gets here. So I took his words to heart and went out for Indian food with a galpal. This awesome place offers lunch buffet 7 days a week and so we went to check it out on a Sunday. Good news! Only Indian and Middle Easterners were eating here! Yes!!! That’s a good sign!

vegetarian side of buffet

The vegetarian entrees were a bit more appealing visually compared to the meat side but the meat side had more options (some of them were covered up by the serving bins). They bring naan fresh to your table and there is also a side bar for all your sauce needs.

my very carnivorous plate

I went with the meats and was very pleased with the seasonings of the chicken tikka masala, my favorite Indian dish. I just happened to be dining with an Indian friend who gave this place her stamp of approval. Nice!

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