Cafe Rolle in Sacramento, CA

Cafe Rolle
5357 H St.
Sacramento, CA

Disclaimer: The food here was delicious, but I had a very disturbing incident, therefore, my opinion is tainted.

So I came here for lunch yesterday because i had heard great things by word of mouth. When I got here, the place was packed and waiting was standing-room-only! that was fine with me though, cuz I was there to order to-go.

chicken croque monsier

So I finally got a waiter’s attn who took my order and gave advice  on which salmon to get (poached or smoked). He told me it would take about 10-15 minutes and asked if I wanted to pay now. I said sure! I’m not doing anything, can’t even sit down while I wait.

smoked salmon sandwich

So I asked him if he could break my $100 bill (which is like having foreign currency! I had asked 6 other establishments in Sacramento to give me change for this and all said no). So imagine my elation when he said yes! So I gave him my $100 bill and was expecting about $80 back (2 sandwiches, 2 pink lemonades) and he came back and handed me $70.


so that was when I asked him for the receipt, to make sure I didn’t pay for like a 3rd sandwich or something. nope, my bill was around $20 and I was holding $70 change. I did the math on my iphone calculator in front of the waiter and asked him why he had only brought out $70 change……….and then he says, “Oh did you want the rest of your change?”


Why on earth would this guy think it is ok to tip himself 50%?? Call me old-fashioned but I thought tipping was the customer’s prerogative and based on the level and quality of service given.  This made me think then, this waiter must try this act all the time and maybe this was the first time he got called out on it! He was probably expecting me to just put the change in my wallet instead of counting it out there at the counter (what else am i going to do? i’m standing there, waiting for my food order).

So please be warned! Be careful when ordering here, make sure you count all your change because they may be stealing from you. This jerk of a waiter didn’t even bother to apologize and when he brought out my food order to me. And, he avoided eye contact with me. That’s right! Be ashamed of what you’ve just done!

UPDATE: Chef William Rolle sent me an email apologizing for what had happened and offered to re-imburse me. Thank you for your prompt action, I truly appreciate it and I really did enjoy the food, just not my experience there.

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