Melograno in Philadelphia, PA

2012 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA


Joe and I ate here with a couple of friends.  We were wondering around Rittenhouse Sq looking for a place to eat dinner and saw that this place had some tables available. It is BYO, so bring your own wine ppl! Our group started off with the mussels appetizer cooked in white wine, garlic and tomato. This is a great dish to share with a big group of people.


We got an order of meatballs composed of beef, veal and pork combination with tomato sauce and pecorino cheese. This dish was a bit harder to share with the group. But flavor profile-wise, I would say I liked this dish better than the mussels.

pappardelle tartufate

This is one of the signature dishes for Melograno, consists of wild mushrooms, walnuts, truffle oil and pecorino cheese. It was delicious. I’ve been trying a lot of dishes lately that have added walnuts, like pasta and pizza. I like it! It adds a nice crunch to the dish and also adds to the earthy flavor of the mushroom. And I love anything with truffle oil and cheese, it’s like my own personal kryptonite.

smoked pork chop

Joe had the smoked pork chop with creamy polenta and pomegranate reduction. He liked this dish a lot, but for the price they were asking for, not sure if we would return here. Especially with so much competition in this city for delicious Italian food like La Viola and Mercato.

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