Barclay Prime Steakhouse in Philadelphia, PA

Barclay Prime
237 S 18th St.
Philadelphia, PA

pop over

Joe had lost a bet with me and I had my pick of Philly restaurants and chose Barclay Prime steakhouse since I’ve never been. We were seated in a gorgeous dining area, very modern vibe to it.  As Joe and I poured over the menu, they brought out these pop-overs with gruyere cheese in the middle. Amazing! I ended up getting 2!

lobster bisque

I saw lobster bisque on the menu and had to order it. The lobster bisque was good, but not great. The restaurant was very nice and split our order into 2 bowls so that we would have an easier time eating.

wagyu sliders

The wagyu steak on the menu was over $100 so to experience the wagyu beef, we got an order of the sliders. The sliders were amazing, tender and juicy.


Joe ordered the 18 oz Gachot & Gachot prime dry aged ribeye. Joe likes his steak medium-rare. He thoroughly enjoyed his rib-eye.

truffle mac and cheese

We got the side order of truffle mac and cheese. I had really high expectations for this dish because it had great reviews online. However, when we got it, it was super bland. I was disappointed to say the least.

NY strip steak

I had the 28 day dry aged NY strip steak. It was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed my steak.

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