Pho Ha in Philadelphia, PA

Pho Ha
610 Washington Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19147


the front

It was a rainy cold day in Philly and I wanted some broth to warm myself with. I usually don’t like pho, but since I was also under the weather, a big bowl of soup and noodles sounded good for the soul. My boyfriend was very surprised when I announced that I wanted pho for dinner and so he was very excited and decided to treat me to some delicious Italian market Pho.You would be surprised that the best pho is in Italian market, but there also happens to be a street of Vietnamese restaurants and stores. In fact, the plaza that this restaurant is located in has a great boba place.

brisket pho

The pho broth hit the spot! So deep and complex! Joe had told me to get the meatball pho but the consistency was off-putting for me, so I was super happy that my pho had brisket in it. There was so much soup and broth in the regular bowl, no need for the large or extra stuff. The great thing about pho restaurants is that you can cater your bowl to your specific taste buds with the sriracha sauce, hoisin sauce and veggies that come on the side like jalapenos and beansprouts. The pho here was so good! I’m glad Joe brought me here.

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