La Viola in Philadelphia, PA

La Viola Ovest
253 S. 16th st.
Philadelphia, PA


When I graduated from Penn 5 years ago, I took my family to La Viola for some hand-made pasta for my graduation dinner. I have fond memories here and the quality of food is great for the price. Speaking of price, this place is cash only so please keep that in mind when you visit.

frutti de mare

This dish had grilled calamari (steaks not the rings) in lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and tomatoes. I wasn’t too fond of this dish but Joe thought it was all right. To be fair, I’m not a huge fan of calamari steaks.

tagliatelle al salmone

Joe ordered the home-made tagliatelle pasta sauteed with salmon in a pink cognac sauce. I liked his a lot. The salmon offered a nice variety in texture.

pasta of the day

This was home-made tagliatelle pasta with shrimp and fish in a blush tomato creamy sauce. I preferred my dish over Joe’s dish because I loved the blush sauce and the shrimp. The dishes here are simple but delicious. I love treating myself to hand-made pasta!

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