Day by Day in Philadelphia, PA

Day by Day
2101 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA



The chalkboard menu reminds me of New Orleans, sigh. Anywho, our group made the mistake of dining here for Sunday brunch and it wasn’t just any Sunday brunch, it was Mother’s Day brunch! Our wait was about an hour and 45 minutes. They had stop taking reservations the week before and so we decided to chance it with walk in. We kept telling ourselves that we were gonna leave if we didn’t get seated within the next 5 minutes, but ya know how when you’ve already waited an hour, you keep telling yourself that they have to seat you soon right? And you don’t want to leave because you’ve already an invested an hour of your life that you ain’t getting back. The food was pretty good, but not sure if it was worth the ridiculous wait. Especially cuz the hostess kept lying to us, she kept telling us we would be seated within 20 minutes, or we were next. blah blah blah. if she had been straight with us from the beginning, we could’ve made an informed decision to eat elsewhere.


Joe and I split the bacon and cheese quiche which was quite good. It was very thick and tall like a manly quiche.

poached eggs florentine

One of our friend’s ordered the poached eggs florentine which had 2 poached eggs, sauteed spinach, roasted potatoes and hollandaise sauce. Smelled good but for me, hollandaise sauce is very heavy for early in the morning which is why I guess it shows up on brunch menus.

veggie omelette

The veggie omelette had asparagus, mushroom and cheese with roasted potatoes and whole wheat toast.

chocolate chip pancakes

I have lots of memories of eating pancakes on Sunday mornings while growing up so I ordered the chocolate chip pancakes with a side of fruit. It was very light, airy and fluffy.

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