Haru restaurant and sushi bar in New York, NY

Haru restaurant and sushi bar
205 West 43rd Street
West New York, NY 10036

the front

We were watching the Lion King show matinee and were looking for a quick lunch in the area not fast food. We stumbled around this sushi joint and sat at the sushi bar. We were seated promptly and all our food was served right away.

sitting at the sushi bar

When we sat down at the sushi bar, it was like Disneyland for me! Watching the sushi chefs do their thing, rolling sushi rolls and I was amazed at how fresh the fish was.

rock shrimp tempura

We started off with an appetizer order of rock shrimp tempura.These were pretty good but not as good as my favorite at Morimoto’s in Philadelphia.

spicy titanic roll

The spicy titanic roll had salmon, avocado and caviar wrapped around spicy crunchy tuna. I like that this one had a bit of heat to it. I was surprised by the caviar, I’ve never been a fan, but for this roll, it added a little oomf.

spider roll

This is mine and Joe’s go to roll at every sushi restaurant we eat at, we love soft shell crabs! The fun part is always the end pieces with the huge crab piecse and trying to figure out how to fit this entire thing in your mouth. I usually end up cutting it in half and eating it in 2 pieces whereas Joe just places the entire thing in his mouth.

Phoenix roll on the right

The phoenix roll had shrimp tempura, spicy tuna and cucumber. This roll was really delicious. kudos to this place for being located near the Lion King Broadway show!


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