Audrey Claire in Philadelphia, PA

Audrey Claire
276 S. 20th St
Philadelphia, PA


Joe and I started off with the braised short rib, portobello, melted fontina cheese and truffle oil on grilled flatbread for our appetizer. This was sooooo good! Oh my gosh! I love anything with cheese and truffle oil but this flatbread was particularly delicious! Especially the juicy braised short rib. I was impressed that the bread was crispy with all the juices from the toppings (I recently made pizza at home and my crust came out soggy).

zuppa di pesce

Joe’s main entree was the zuppa di pesce which is an Italian fish stew. I loved how much seafood was in this dish. Joe ate a ton and then packed the rest for dinner the next night. The saffron broth was very warming and home-y.

special of the day

Joe’s friend had the special of the day, braised fish. This smelled so good. The wafting scent was tantalizing, it had that rich salty scent of the ocean. Joe’s friend devoured his dish and said he found it very enjoyable.


Joe’s friend’s wife ordered the shrimp over heirloom tomatoes with black truffle vinegrette. It looked too beautiful to eat,

pork chop

I got the maple brine pork chop with wild boar bacon, candied dates and gorgonzola granny smith apple butter. This dish was amazing! The pork chop was juicy and packed full of flavor. The gorgonzola-apple butter was inspiring! I love gorgonzola and apple but have never thought to combine the two. Overall, our meal was great and it was BYO so we got to enjoy our own bottles of wine at the table.


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